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Thursday, January 17, 2008

2008 Goals - Edited

Added some more items to my 2008 Goals list.

Here they are:
  • *Search for grants or scholarship to assist with private tuition (I have decided to enroll my daughter into the private school she attends currently for kindergarten. Check here for more details.)
    • -Search for grants or scholarships online
    • -If I can't find a grant or scholarship then create a savings account for next school year's tuition ($4800)

  • Volunteer

  • Make an appointment with a Dermatologist (I have extremely sensitive skin and I am limited on what products I can use. They won't break me out but they don't really do anything for me either.)
    • Find a good skin regimen

  • Develop a good hair regimen

  • Find a permanent hustle

As I accomplish each of my goals, I will be updating the original post. I added a new section on the right sidebar, underneath my net worth chart, titled "Divine Updates". There you will find the current status of my 2008 Goals, wish list, credit card debt payoff and closing, and my 2008 Career Development Plan.


SavingDiva said...

what type of volunteer program are you looking into?

Dimples said...

Teen mothers and battered women.