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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My Goals for 2008

Finally they are in!!!!

I know you guys have been waiting on the edge of your seats for them (if not, humor me a lil....LOL). Without further adieu:


  • *Eliminate CC Debt (current standing: $10,007)
    • -Using my debt snowball plan ---> I will need to recalculate this. I am not sure if this will happen by October.

  • *Double Emergency Fund to $6,000 (current standing: $3069.42)
    • -Once I pay off all my credit cards, I will redirect all money left over after all bills have been paid to my E-fund until I reach $6K.

  • *Get car loan balance under $15K (current standing: $19899.55)
    • -My car payment is $392. I have been paying $532 for the past year. I am bumping the payment up to $435 for 2008. ---> I changed this one. See all changes in red.

  • *Look into hiring an accountant to do my taxes. ---> Negative. Didn't need an accountant. Did it all by my self.

  • *Obtain $300K in additional life insurance.
    • -Research additional life insurance and find affordable plan with good company.

  • *Increase credit score to 700+.

  • *Change to paperless billing system with all bills.

  • *Find a permanent hustle
  • *Create a Career Plan for 2008
    • *Lead 2 major projects at work

    • *Get more face time with VP or President of company

    • *Take on more hands-on projects

    • *Pass EIT Exam in April

    • *Take online classes to improve and expand on skills

  • *Get started on my business
    • -Pick and concentrate on first business venture

    • -Create business plan

    • -Get educated on business ethics and other needed info
      • +Take classes at local university or college
      • +Look into free classes through the city or county
      • +Use online resources and local library

    • -Network

  • *Increase salary by at least 5%.

  • *Look into investment/rental property.

  • *Network ---> Again this is one of those ongoing things. I have gone to a few networking events.
  • *Exercise at least 3 times a week.

  • *Eat healthier ---> Again this is one of those ongoing things. I limited the amount of salt in my diet so I am definitely taking a step in the right direction.

  • *Get down to my desired size

  • *Keep hair in braids or any style that allows my hair to rest.
    • -Develop a good hair regimen

  • *Find stress reliever. ---> Meditatiing

  • *See Optician for eye exam and glasses and contacts.

  • *Set-up and see Dentist for check-up and cleaning.

  • *Make an appointment with a Dermatologist (I have extremely sensitive skin and I am limited on what products I can use. They won't break me out but they don't really do anything for me either.)
    • -Find a good skin regimen

  • *Get daughter involved in at least one extracurricular activity.
    • -Affordable
    • -Between dance or soccer
    • -Fashion Design?? ---> My baby is so unique!
  • *Search for grants or scholarship to assist with private tuition (I have decided to enroll my daughter into the private school she attends currently for kindergarten. Check here for more details.)
    • -Search for grants or scholarships online
    • -If I can't find a grant or scholarship then create a savings account for next school year's tuition ($4800) ---> I am sticking her butt in public school. I'll do a post soon to update yall on why I changed my mind.

  • *Create chore chart and system.

  • *Increase allowance to $3 a week. ---> Done

  • *Open savings account for Sweet Pea.
    • -Take sweet pea to bank once a month on a Saturday to make her deposit into her account. ---> Lord oh how I have slacked on this one. I plan to open up her account by the end of this month.
  • *Update Single Moms of Florida blog more often. ---> Eh. I have updated more than usual but not as often as I would like. I am thinking about bringing my BFF on to do some guest posts.

  • *Increase subscribers to Dimples Divine Domain to 150+. ---> I hit this back in late March with 151 readers for one week.

  • *Take at least 2 out-of-state trips. ---> I got one down and one to go.

  • *Better time management. ---> I have been doing good in this area. I can't exactly cross it out because it is something I will need to work on continuously.

  • *Be more organized. ---> Same as above. This is continuous but I have been doing much better than before.


Tamika said...

LMAO @ Obstetrician. You were half asleep or just a lil tipsy?? Hmmmm????

SingleGuyMoney said...

Happy New Year Dimples! Good Luck on your 2008 goals.

SavingDiva said...

Great list of goals!

I should also make a list of goals...we'll see how it goes...

Single Ma said...

Good luck with all of your goals. I hope you spank that debt like it stole something from yo' mama!

Dimples said...

@ tamika

*sshh* hush now

@ single guy money

Happy New Year to you too and thanks.

@ saving diva

Thanks and you should.

@ single ma

I about choked on a piece of candy cane when I read your comment. LMBAO. Yes I definite plan on spanking dat there debt.