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Monday, January 14, 2008

2008 Career Development Plan

I have been promising this for a while now. I finally sat down this weekend and wrote out an outline of my career development plan for this year. I finalized it today. I'll start with a summarization of where I am at in my career at this moment and what I do:

I graduated from UCF with a BS in Industrial Engineering. My last semester, I interned with a local, small engineering consulting firm whose main contract is with NASA. I was hired on full-time after I graduated in 2005. My job title is Engineer and the projects I work on involve a variety of different engineering disciplines. I currently head up a number of small projects under the main NASA contract. I am also the training engineer for many of the programs and processes we use. My main expertise is in database generation and management, project management, and cost analysis.




    • - FE EXAM:
      • > Register for the April FE exam - 1/11/08
      • > Study with co-workers - 1/08 à 4/08
      • > Take and pass exam – 4/12/08
      • > Access – 3/15/08
      • > Oracle – 5/15/08
    • - AUTOCAD:
      • > Complete AutoCAD Training CD – 3/1/08
      • > Take online AutoCAD training courses – 4/1/08
    • - PRO E:
      • > Search for Pro E training material – 6/6/08
      • > Search for online Pro E training courses – 6/6/08
      • > Take online Pro E classes (if Applicable) – 6/6/08
      • > Talk to mentor at job who knows Pro E – 6/6/08
      • > Meet with advisor in program – 4/16/08
      • > Admission requirements – 6/15/08
        • + Online admission application
        • + Residency Classification
        • + $30 app fee
        • + Immunization form
        • + Official transcripts
      • > GRE needed? – NO
      • > Course load? – 12 credit hours minimum
      • > Obtain schedule of classes – 5/1/08
      • > Secure funding – 5/1/08
        • + Scholarships
        • + Grants
      • > Complete Management and Business Administration program – 7/1/08
      • > Complete Finance and Investing program – 8/1/08

My main goal is to gain enough experience and knowledge to start my own small engineering solutions business. My company will be geared to providing simple solutions for small businesses that don't have the big bucks to hire the expensive big name companies. I hope to achieve that goal by the time I am 29.


I realized that my coding got messed up somehow when I checked my blog at work. I use FireFox at home and everything looked fine. I am forced to use Internet Explorer at work and the post looked crazy. I removed the coding and just used the regular bullets. If you had trouble reading the post before: MY BAD!!! :-D


Single Ma said...

You are DEFINITELY a Capricorn. :-)

I have a similar post in draft.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't even translate half of that stuff. I wish I was that focused on what I want to do with myself. I still don't know! But I'm glad for you, and wish you well on your plan.

Melissa said...

I'll be taking the FE in April too... good luck! Of course you're further than I am since in my state you can't graduate without passing the FE first, for an added stress! I admire your determination though, and of course it's always nice to see other female engineers!

Rad said...

Wassup Dimples,

You are really organized and focused. '08 should be a really good year if you stick to this plan, and I know you will.

You've given me a nice template to build my own Career Development Plan for this year. I normally just write down where I wanna be career-wise, before the end of the year, but this is much more detailed and goal oriented. Very nice.

Good luck and thanks for making take a harder look at what I wanna to make this more than a JOB.

Dimples said...

@ single ma

:-D And I procrastinated on it like a Capricorn too. LOL!

@ sistah ant

Thanks girl! What's weird is that I have soooo many ideas and things I want to do. So I decided to focus on one at a time. I still have many big things I want and will do. Just gotta get myself ready first.

@ Melissa

I was required to TAKE the exam in order to graduate but not PASS. I didn't study for it at all and received a 69. Passing is 70 or more. You must be in civil engineering. That was the only major at UCF that was required to pass. Good Luck chica!

@ Rad

Welcome back stranger. I gotta get my grown woman business in 08. i got things to do and places to go. LOL. But seriously. I have dreams that I want to see come tru and I gotta do what's necessary to achieve that.

Melissa said...

I am in the Civil dept. but all engineers in Utah are required to pass in order to graduate. Another intern I work (well, he works here during the summer!) with goes to Purdue and he doesn't have to take it all untill after graduation. I think it all depends on the state. I looked at the rest of the portions though... ouch! I'm happy to be able to take the general-general or the general-civil! Anyhow, good luck! I'm sure you'll pass!

fandd said...

Sounds like a great plan you've got lined up for 2008! Please be sure to blog about it all. It'll be fun and inspiring following you throughout the year.