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Friday, January 18, 2008

Wish List Update

Here is the updated and revised list:
  • Flat panel monitor
  • Chair or chaise for bedroom
  • Chest for Dimples (mahogany)
  • Sleigh or Platform Bed (Dont know which one I want yet)
  • LCD TV – 20’+
  • Cell phone - Palm pilot or iPhone type
  • MP3 player - 2G or more = $15.99
  • Desktop computer (just the PC) = $60
  • Wolfgang Puck cookware set = $73.94
  • Microwave (black) = $0 (free)
  • All Tyler Perry's Plays that are on DVD = $0
  • Transformers DVD = $10
  • Why Did I Get Married DVD = $0
  • Rolling File Cart = $8.56
  • Shredder = $14
I only paid $60 to my sister. She owed me money and we decided to just deduct that amount from what I was going to give her.

I also purchased a 2G Sansa MP3 player courtesy of It is a reconditioned player and it was on sale at for $25.99. I used google checkout and since I was a first time customer I received $10 off my order. And shipping was free (budget shipping).

After doing my feng shui thing, my old furniture didn't seem so old anymore. I moved my "office" out of my bedroom and into the living room leaving me with a lot of space. I currently have a huge solid oak dresser and my queen size bed in my room. I want to trade the dresser for a tall 5 or 6 drawer chest and also incorporate a chaise into the mix. I am really liking this chest @ Ikea:

It's only $129. I am going to sell my current dresser and use the money from that to buy a chest. I listed my dresser on Craig's List today for $150. I am going to check out the local used furniture store and see if they have anything cheaper.

In regards to the chair or chaise, something like this would be nice:

@ Ikea for $159 (adjustable back)

Though I would prefer something like this:

On Craig's List for $300 (way out my price range)

My budget is $200 for both chaise and chest. I am selling the dresser I have and some other items on eBay and Amazon. If all of my items sell then I will have made about $370. I'll use that money to buy my chaise and new dresser and then put the rest in my fun account for my trip to Atlanta in March (get into that later).


fandd said...

Let me know if you have any questions about Atlanta for your trip in March. I'm actually a real, live Atlanta native (don't see too much of us in the ATL).

SavingDiva said...

I'm glad to see that you're slowly acquiring items from your wish list instead of randomly collecting stuff (like me) that looks pretty in the store. I'm thinking that I should also create a list that I only allow myself to shop help limit the crazy spending urges!