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Monday, November 26, 2007

Not perfect

Yes I am indeed not perfect. I could elaborate more on this but I won't.

First things first:

My Holiday/Christmas Gift budget plan is flawed. My initial plan was to charge my purchases to a credit card that has a $500 limit on it and then to pay off the card when I receive my Christmas bonus at the company Holiday party. What's the flaw you ask?? Well I am counting on money that isn't in my hands yet. I know for sure that I will get the Christmas bonus and I know it will be @ least $500 bucks cash. But in order for me to be financially savvy I need to stop the assumptions. Assumptions and money management do not mix. And I am all about managing my money.

I had only charged about $32 on the credit card which I paid off yesterday. I am going to take $250 of my credit snowball money and use that for my Holiday budget. I will use another $250 from my income in December towards my Holiday budget, totaling the $500 I had initially set as my spending limit. So no more using imaginary money. Once I get my Christmas bonus on 12/15 I will decide then on what I am going to do with it. Not going into it now because I would be managing imaginary money again.

Holiday budget flaw fixed!

On a post I did prior to leaving for the Thanksgiving weekend, I challenged myself to do all my Christmas gift shopping for less than $150 total. Well that got shot out the water when my brother asked for a black iPod and my oldest godson asked for a Nintendo Wii. Hilarious ain't it?? Yeah........Dimples was not all. Anyways I am in hustlette mode and am in search of a really great deal on either one of these or substitutions. Needless to say, my Christmas gift challenge is no more. I'll follow suit and set a spending limit on each person on my list and see how much I may need to spend from there. I'll do a post on that tomorrow.

I am going to sleep so I can have naughty dreams about Idris Elba....mmmmhmm.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am heading down to South Florida today to go spend Thanksgiving with my parents and siblings.
There will be no spending on Black Friday for Dimples. The only thing that caught my eye was a desktop computer at Best Buy for $199 but it is an early bird special and I don't think I am willing to wake up at 3 and fight through crowds and crowds of people just to get a computer. So I am good. Only place I may shop at is Macy's and that will be for clothes for my godsons for X-mas.

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your long weekend. I know I will.

Love, Peace, and Hair Grease!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bath and Body Works - Free body lotion w/ any purchase

2 oz. Bath & Body Works® Signature Collection Body Lotion with any purchase (a $3.50 value).
Offer valid now through December 5, 2007.

To Redeem In Stores:
Print this offer and present it at any Bath & Body Works Store.
Authorization code is 6809.

To Redeem Online (Shop Now):
1. Add any merchandise to your shopping bag.
2. Add your FREE 2 oz. Bath & Body Works® Signature Collection
Body Lotion, a $3.50 value.
3. At checkout, enter promotion code WELCOME1106.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

How I plan to spend less than $150 total on Christmas gifts

So I am challenging myself to spend no more than $150 on Christmas gifts. Big ticket folks will be my daughter and my mom and I have no clue what I am getting them.

Here are the gifts that I have bought:

From My Deals Blog:

You can get a set of 3 Built a Bear Shrek Babies for $9. Just go through the link, add the item, use $5 off code 91885 at checkout, and total will be $5 + $4 shipping = $9

I just bought this for my godson.

I also purchased a 6 items of this fragrance from Bath and Body work 2 days ago. My total was $21.60
Per Single Ma:

Select six (6) Bath & Body Works Signature Collection items (any scent) that are on sale 5 for $25. Remember to select SIX of them though. When you view the shopping cart, your total should be $30 plus shipping costs. Then type in the promotion code FROSTY and click apply. Your subtotal will be reduced by $10 and shipping will be reduced to $0. Easy gift set for 20 bucks!

I will split this up into 2 sets (3 in each set) and give it to two folks off my list.

I bought these about 2 months ago and only paid $1.97 for the shipping. (The sale is over even though the link shows the price as $0.)

To date I have spent a total of $32.28 and the gifts I bought will take care of 4 on my list. That leaves 6 remaining (10 total).

I think I got this on lock! :-D Anyone wanna join me in this challenge?? I dare yall!

Off to the Classics in O-town. Have a great Saturday!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Deals and Steals from Kmart and Macy's Coupon

Macys' coupon for Big Sale event happening on 11/16 and 11/17 from store opening until 1 pm:

$10 off $25 or more @ Macys

Kmart currently has a two coupons out:

20% off any 1 item for KMart - 11/11-11/17 and 11/18-11/21 (2 coupons)

I found some nice items on Kmart circular for this week. And they become even nicer after the 20% off:

Sale Price: $199.99 Price after coupon: $159.99

Sale Price: $199.99 Price after coupon: $159.99

(also available in navy with yellow inside)

Sale Price: $69.99 Price after coupon: $55.99

Emerson stainless-steel .9-cu.-ft. 900 watt microwave oven

Sale Price: $49.99 Price after coupon: $39.99

I vaguely remember reading on someone's blog that they wanted a luggage set with 360 wheels. Check out this ones above.

As you all can see I have been in a holiday sale daze. I mean it crazy. All I can see is bargains. But regardless of all that I am happy to say that I have only purchased ONE thing and nothing since then. Yes I may spend hours a day looking at sales online and in the circulars but thats where it stops. I haven't even attempted any purchased online this whole week. That is a big feat for me. :-D

I am really considering getting that LCD TV though.

Hope yall enjoy the deals on this post.

Ciao bellas!


Kmart Sale doesn't start until 11/18/07

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mo Coupons

Tis the season to be shopping! La la la la la la la la la.

And you better use some coupons! La la la la la la la la la.

Alrighty, here is an update of coupons, new and old:

Barnes & Noble Coupon: 25% off one item H6T9C3U - Expires: 11/18/07

Barnes & Noble Coupon: 20% off one item F9B7F8X - Expires: 11/18/07

Barnes & Noble Coupon: 20% off 1 Item (Printable Coupon) Expires 11/18/07

25% off any 1 item from Barnes and Nobles (ends today 11/18)

Gap: 30% off purchase BKJWVQ59VZ8D - 11/15 - 11/18 only

20% off any 1 item for KMart - 11/11-11/17 and 11/18-11/21 (2 coupons)

$10 off 30 Bath and Body Works Printable coupon or online code: VELVET10 (till 12/2)

Office Max $10 off 20 Coupon is good until 11/30

Avenue: 20% off purchase : 71300 - Expires 11/16

Avenue: $15 off any dress - Expires 11/20

Chadwicks 30% off one item : CHVEGAS - Expires 12/03

Monday, November 12, 2007

Wish List Update

After my near ESS breakdown and some encouraging words from fellow bloggers (Sistah Ant and Single Ma *wink*) I decided to go ahead and give into my shopping itch BUT within a planned budget and only for things on my wish list. I can only purchase things off my wish list IF they are on sale and I can use a coupon to get even more of a discount on them. I am not planning on getting everything on my list so I set my budget to $500 until the end of the year.

Macys was having a lovely sale today and I had some even lovelier coupons. Tee hee. I should have gotten arrested for this steal I got. If you have read my Wish List you know that I want a Wolfgang Puck cookware set. Well after doing some research I decided to either get a Martha Stewart set or a Cuisinart set. Both have the highest ratings when it comes to quality and dependability. Macys had both on sale today. The Martha Stewart 13 piece set was on sale for $139.99 and the Cuisinart 7 piece Chef set was $99.99. Of course I chose Martha set (double the pieces for an extra $40 bucks.....uh yeah). Anyways Dimples went into hustlette mode at the checkout counter out:

Martha Stewart Collection Stainless Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set (Reg. $199.99)

Subtotal: $139.99

Apply 20% off coupon
Apply $25 off $100 coupon
Extra 15% when you use your Macy's card

Final total: $73.94 !!

I saved myself $66 off the sale price and $126 off the regular price.

That leaves me with $426.06 left in my Holiday budget. It feels good to shop with out hating yourself afterwards. I am pretty psyched.
  • Camcorder
  • Living room set
  • Bedroom set for Dimples (mahogany/dark chocolate color)
  • Sleigh or Platform Bed (Dont know which one I want yet)
  • Shredder
  • LCD TV - 20in
  • Bedroom set for Sweet Pea (lilac or periwinkle in color)
  • LCD TV 26in
  • Dining room table set (mahogany/dark chocolate)
  • Desktop computer (just the PC)
  • projector
  • projector screen
  • Wolfgang Puck cookware set = $73.94
  • Microwave (black) = $0 (free)
  • Grill
  • Techie cell phone - Palm pilot or iPhone type (I am so tired of the cheap azz free phones)
  • All Tyler Perry's Plays that are on DVD
  • Transformers DVD
  • Why Did I Get Married DVD
  • Rolling File Cart = $8.56

Dimples' Fav Current Deals and Steals

With Christmas funds being the buzz right now, I thought I would share my fav coupons and deals going on right now. Might as well get as much of a discount as you can right?

Dimples Favorite Coupons and Deals:

20% off any 1 item for KMart

25% off any 1 item from Barnes and Nobles (ends today 11/12)

$10 off 30 Bath and Body Works Printable coupon or online code: VELVET10 (till 12/2)

Office Max $10 off 20 Coupon is good until 11/30

KOHLS 30% off online coupon code (Nov. 8 to 13th): GIVETHANKS 25% off and free shipping offer code: luckybreaks7 Ended last month

20% off any 1 item from Linens N' Things: print coupon or online code: NOV1207 (ends 11/12)

15% off $75 or more from Macys: online code MGP72 (I don't know if this works. If you try and it does, let a sistah know)

Alright that's all I got for right now. If you have any feel free to post a comment and I will update my list. I think I will do a weekly post like this until the end of the year. Don't hold me to it......Dimples' life turns into a blurry storm of ish to do around this time.


ESS is hitting me hard.....HELP!!!

Itchy palms.

Long hours on the computer.

Seeing sales everywhere.

30-60% OFF!!!!



In the past 5 days I have
almost purchased stuff online 7 times. 7 TIMES!!!! On each 'attempt' I got as far as the "place order" page. All 7 times I stared at the screen for about 15 minutes and started thinking about all the repercussions of that purchase. Then, mentally, I see the words, "DEBT AINT CUTE [INSERT REAL NAME HERE] ". I quickly hit the "cancel order" button and run my shopping addicted, going into withdrawal, itchy palms, jittery azz over to the cookie dough ice cream in the fridge.

The next two months are gonna be the craziest two months of my year. I gotta make it.


I gotta make a ice cream run. Someone ate the whole box of cookie dough I bought on Thursday.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

November Budget

I have been slacking on my blogging game. I apologize. Things have been a lil crazy in Dimples' World. Trying to make some grown-up decisions and also getting a head start on my plans for 2008.

Here is my November Budget:

I upped my Misc budget from to $150. I have a couple of doctors appointments for this month and I am also going out of town for Thanksgiving.

The Cable/Internet category should really just be Internet since I am done with the cable. I am so happy I made that choice. I watch all my shows online. And I watch them when I WANT to. Not when it comes on. This plays nicely into my crazy schedule. Now I can get more important things done and catch up on my free time, which is usually the weekends. I just realized today that my daughter's fav channel, Disney, shows full episodes online. So I am good to go. I just need to get her her own computer so she doesn't have to use mine. Unlike desktops, laptops are fragile. I am looking into getting a number of movies. Anyone know a good place to get them? I find them extra cheap on Amazon but the $3 per DVD for shipping kinda kills it for me. I will have 5 movies for a subtotal of $7 but as soon as the damn shipping charges hit my total is then almost $30 bucks. Sucks!

I dropped grocery budget to $75 this month. With me being on my diet and then the upcoming holiday, I won't be doing that much cooking therefore less shopping. And post-Thanksgiving is leftover central. Do you know how many recipes alone you can make from the turkey???? Watch me do a post on it. Dimps can get seriously creative when dealing with leftovers. And I have neva had any complaints. ;-)

I am paying double my minimum payments this month. Therefore I only have about $140 left for my debt snowball. Paying double the minimum will boost my credit score. I have some things in the works and I need the boost. I don't know if the boost will be temporary. Hopefully it isn't.

I plan on selling on eBay real hard this month. I have tons of stuff to sell. I just need to get on my game.

Alright. Its 1 am here and I am pretty sleepy.


Monday, November 5, 2007


I was talking to a friend about my microwave checking out on me and guess what?

She had one she doesn't use and is less than a year old. And it's black!! She bought it for her apartment and but it turned out to have a microwave when she moved in.

She said I could have it for free!

A black microwave for free! Life can't get no betta yall.

Here is my updated Wish List:

  • Camcorder
  • Living room set
  • Bedroom set for Dimples (mahogany/dark chocolate color)
  • Sleigh or Platform Bed (Dont know which one I want yet)
  • Shredder
  • LCD TV - 20in
  • Bedroom set for Sweet Pea (lilac or periwinkle in color)
  • LCD TV 26in
  • Dining room table set (mahogany/dark chocolate)
  • Desktop computer (just the PC)
  • projector
  • projector screen
  • Wolfgang Puck cookware set
  • Microwave (black) = $0 (free)
  • Grill
  • Techie cell phone - Palm pilot or iPhone type (I am so tired of the cheap azz free phones)
  • All Tyler Perry's Plays that are on DVD
  • Transformers DVD
  • Why Did I Get Married DVD
  • Rolling File Cart = $8.56

Microwave issues

Annnnnnddd it's dead.

Yep. Died on Saturday. I have had that microwave for 7 years. It's the one my parents purchased for my dorm room my first year in college.

So I will be in search of a new microwave. Preferably a black one. I don't know what it is but I HATE white appliances. I am looking to spend no more than $30. So if you guys see one in an ad or something hit me up with a comment and let a sista know.

Off to work. Damn time change had me up around 5:30 this morning. Ugh!!

Yall have a peachy day!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Discover Bank Bonus

Looks like Discover is getting into the bank bonus game. Here is the info that was sent:

Great rates and a $25 Discover Gift Card

Get a $25 Discover Gift Card when you open a new Discover Bank CD or Money Market account by November 16, 2007.

Sign Up Today!

To receive this special promotion, either call
and mention the following offer code or
enter it when you click on the link below.

Special Offer Code: SC0110

I didn't even know they had a bank. Their APY is 4.79% and minimum opening deposit is $2500.

Speaking of APYs, ING Direct lowered their rates once again. They went down to an APY of 4.20% from 4.3%. And Capital One finally lowered theirs to 4.75%.

Here is a Discover Business Card offer:

0% Intro APR on Purchases & Balance Transfers

For a limited time only, earn up to an extra $60 Cashback Bonus with your Discover Business Card. Apply by December 31, 2007 to start earning an extra $10 Cashback Bonus each month you use your card for your first six months (up to a $60 total).

Sign Up Today!

To receive this special promotion, either call
and mention the following invitation code or
enter it when you click on the link below.

Special Invitation Code: FHCB

Friday, November 2, 2007

October End of the Month Review

Its that time again. Here is how I did in October:

I did ok this month. I still exceeded my budget by $4.24 which is better than last month. I'm on a learning curve and I am sure I will start coming up under my budget.....shoot I might even do that this month. :-D

Income: I brought in an extra $135.14. A combination of income from my blog, Pinecone, ACOP, and Ebay.

I have officially awarded this category my Budget Buster. Damn! damn! damn! Over by $166.36. Key things that contributed to busting this budget was my trip to get an oil change that resulted in me paying $64.93 for an oil change, air filter change, and fuel injection cleaning. I am glad I had all that done because I saw a huge difference in my gas mileage. I also had two doctors visits this month, one for me and one for my daughter. The copay was $15 for each visits. And to think I increased my Misc budget by $18 like that was gonna help. LOL. Anyways......I need to get a handle on this. Am I not budgeting myself enough or am I spending to much?? I dunno. I know I need to separate some specific categories from the Misc category and create a budget for those (Car maintenance and Medical).

Gas: I supersoaked this ish right here!!! Under budget by $71.37!! Yuhhhhh! I give props to taking advice of that cute mechanic and getting the necessary maintenance done. It may have cost me an extra $35 but it saved me $71. And that's just counting this month. :-D

Rent & Utilities:
I went over in this category by $62.20. Not much to say there.

I went over my grocery budget by $5.37. I bought some items for a party my daughter's class was having and I bought some groceries for my parent's place when I went down to see my dad. If you subtract those, I actually was under budget by $25 bucks or so.

Car Note & Insurance: Hit the nail on the head in this category.

Daughter's School:
Under budget by $5.

Still haven't signed up for the gym yet. Should I even bother listing this on my budget? Yeah I should.......I need to get it together yall.

Debt: Went over my budget by $12.48. I winded up paying for my Target card twice this month. I had a payment due date of Oct 1 and when I checked earlier this week my next due date was Oct. 31. Does that sound at all right?? How can I have two due dates in the same month.

CC Debt Snowball:
I paid off my Old Navy credit card. Came under budget my $.66.

Overall I went over my $4.24. That extra income saved my tail big time. I need to shape it up.


My total credit card debt decreased by $277. Ugh! I am happy that it is decreasing but it is a lil depressing to see $700 go in and then only a $277 deduction. Grrr! Lawd just let me win the lotto one good time. I would chop da neck off this mess.

I entered an incorrect value for my credit limit-to-credit balance ratio. So I'll fix that later

Credit score went up 9 points. Not much of an increase but at least it is something.


My net worth increased by $1422.74. Nice. I am still in the negative tho. Swimming in the red sea. I can't wait till I see the blue waters. Its coming soon.....I can feel it.


I didn't post any. Dag nabbit! Well I will give you a list of things I accomplished and we will work with those.

  • Started my own online travel agency: Travels Dazzle.

  • I started looking into investment properties in the form of leasebacks.

  • I recently found about a down payment assistance program for single mothers. It will pay and down payment on the house and cove3r closing costs. I am looking more into it and if it turns out to be as good as it seems I believe that I may be purchasing my first home by February the latest.

  • I have been looking into homes. Seems like the state of the housing market at this time has results in a significant decrease in the asking price of homes currently on the market. One town home I saw back in February has now been decreased by $40K. So I am seeing an abundant amount of beautiful 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom single family homes for under $160K. The town homes and condos are getting as low as $130K.

  • I am planning a birthday trip for me and some of my friends for the weekend before New Years. I am planning on using the $500 cash bonus my employer gives us at the annual Holiday Party. My one friend works for the Hilton so she gets great deals. I am a licensed Travel Agent so I also get great rates on airline tickets and other stuff. Together I know we will be able to plan a wonderful yet inexpensive trip.

  • I begin my business plan for my first business. I hope to get things going on it within the next few months. I'll go more into detail with that later.

October has been a very good month. I have been on my grind and keep finding out more and more ways to defeat my "I can't right nows". Like I can't invest right now or I can't possibly think of creating business right now or I can't buy a home right now. I know it sounds like a lot of talk but trust when I say things are working out so well for me right now.

Keep trucking yall.

I'm back snitches!!

Dimples' October End of the Month coming to your computer screen soon!

Life is good.

I have completed both projects at work. I am free for the weekend.

I have had a couple of drinks............ :-D

I feel like I am on top of the world!

Aaannnddddd scene.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

To be continued....

Work is kicking my tail. I have two major reports due by COB tomorrow, hence the lack of posts on DDD.

I shall be back in full effect by tomorrow evening. Until then enjoy my archives.