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Thursday, August 14, 2008

School Lunch vs Packing Lunch

To all my fellow mommies out there:

Is it better to pack your kid's lunch or let them get lunch at school?

I am on the fence with this one. My daughter starts school this coming Monday and I am not sure which one I want to go with.

On Monday I was set on letting her get her lunch from the school cafeteria, especially since I was told that I would need to set up a lunch account through the school. I called the company that handles the lunch accounts and based on what they said, I am not sure on the idea of it now. I would not have any control on what my daughter eats. Giving a 5 year old free reign on what exactly she gets to it is not a good idea. On top of that there is no way to control how much is charged to the account. If Sweet Pea wanted to buy 3 lunches and 10 snacks she could. The lunch account is charged via a card (like a debit card) and supposedly the teacher is given control of the cards. Not to sure I like this idea. I have no idea where the cards will be kept and who besides the teacher will have access to the card.

On the other hand I could pack her lunch and not have to worry about any of the above. I would be able to control what and how much she ate..........well not really but I would have way more control than going with school lunch.

Lets look at the $$ side of this:

Note: Sweet Pea will get her breakfast and an afternoon snack from her daycare so I don't need to include those in my calculations.

School lunch is $2. At $2/day that is $10 for the week. I can definitely do that or less by packing her lunch.

I am leaning towards packing her lunch myself. I just want to make sure I am not missing anything. I am new to this whole school business. Feel free to drop some knowledge or your opinion in the comment section.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

uhhhh.....Hello. Yall there? - Update

uhhhhh..........Hey.............yall remember me? lol!!!

I know.

I am so bad.

It has been busy and hectic in Dimples' world. I haven't done a post in about 3 weeks. Did yall even miss me? *sniffles*
Anyways. How is everyone doing? I hope you all are doing great financially, physically, spiritually, and mentally. Let me catch you guys up on what has been going down in my world.


Work has been going great. With almost three weeks under my belt I have completed 3 major projects and I am set to submit two more this coming Monday.
My coworkers are definitely interesting, lol. I am definitely enjoying the new challenges. My supervisor has expressed the fact that she is extremely impressed with my work and my progress so far. We had a one on one today and she let me know that once the new contract began she had a lot of big plans for me. We talked about potential conferences and seminars that she would like me to attend and some certificates and training she would like me to obtain.

In regards to the new contract, the transition process has begun the interviewing and hiring of incumbent phase. They are currently working on interviewing and hiring the mid-level management and will then move on to the engineers. Hopefully I will have some good news for you guys in about a week or so. I am a little worried about the interview though. I haven't had an interview in like 3 years. I should be good though.


I have been sorely lacking in this area. Let me show you guys what happens when you stop balancing your checkbook and rely on your "gut" feelings when it comes to your checking account's balance:

click on the pic to see

Yeah.....I know.


Oh never mind.

Luckily I bank with an awesome credit union that has a customer reward points program. I was able to use 600 of my reward points to refund BOTH NSF fees back to my account. I luv my bank. But seriously, this just shows you me the importance of keeping track of my finances and I have been slacking on the front for the past two months.

Oh, guess what?!!! I just got my first paycheck! It is over $2200. It is about a $600 increase from what I was making at my previous job. For some reason they mailed my paycheck even though I gave the HR rep a voided check for my credit union account. Hmmm? What is even more strange is that two nights ago I had a dream about getting paid twice; a direct deposit and a check sent via mail. Coincidence? He he he, well we shall see tomorrow morning.


I have been taking advantage of the extra time that I have now and have been spending it with my daughter. I have also been focusing more on my health. I have been purchasing more raw fruits and veggies, fish, and other healthy foods which of course increasing the amount I dish out on groceries. If I find a really good deal, I will probably join a gym near me.

I recently joined the campaign of a friend of mine who is running for state senate. This, of course, opens new doors for me. I will be attending networking and political events which means I need to up my game. This, along with the new job, calls for an upgrade of my current wardrobe. That is why Single Ma's post from yesterday had perfect timing. It is a definite starting point for me.

I am going out of town this weekend on a mini vacay. Some of my girlfriends and I are headed out to Caladesi Beach, which was voted Best American Beach for 2008. We are then hitting up the spa for some much deserved pamper time. We will then end the trip with brunch on sunday and shopping at the outlets.

I owe you guys an end of the month report for June and July and a budget for August. So look for those in the next week.

Hopefully I get my life back on a schedule and will be posting more often. So thank you all who have stuck with me. Especially to Single Ma and Debt Challenger. You both are awesome.