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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Frugal Woman Strikes Again!!!

Oh that was sooo comic book!

Dude.......I KILLED today. I am tired, dehydrated, and I have a slight headache but it was all worth it. But wow! I came away with some amazing
steals deals. Let me just show you rather than tell you: *Excuse the mess....we are in the process of packing*

Microfiber Sofa Set
Rob & Stucky
(6 months old, Was kept in formal area so hardly any usage)
$400 for the sofa and two chairs!

Cute accent table with matching accent mirror
and two candle wall sconces, Italian themed wine rack
and matching decor signage.
Everything for $30.


Coffee Table
(solid wood, huge)
Bargained down to $22

I am going to restore the nightstand and stain it to match it to my bed and I will either stain or paint the coffee table to match it to my dinette set. I will also paint the legs of the sofa set (which are removable) so that they match the dinette set's color also. Currently the legs have a reddish tone I don't like.

A guy is coming over to hopefully buy my couches. I currently have two dinette sets and two couch sets in my not so big living room. Ugh!

Random Ish

I haven't tracked my budget since February. Its kind of exhilarating and scary at the same time. I love not having to be so detailed but there are some fuzzy spots when it comes to my monthly finances. I don't like fuzzy spots. So would it be weird to say that I can't wait until I move into my house and can start with a fresh new budget? I mean I am actually looking forward to calculating my new budget once I close on the house. Eerie isn't it?........

I may may need to hire pro movers after all. I didn't count on having any kind of furniture when I moved but since having my "AH!!" moment and tracking and snagging deals a la CL, I have accumulated more furniture then I originally had. I don't want to deal with the real pro movers because they always try to pull ish like 3 hour minimums and charging by how much your furniture weighs and stuff. Both are a bunch of bull. But I do want the assurance that insurance and licenses bring and private movers may not be able to provide that. I'll have to sleep on that and figure out what to do later.

I can spray the paint on my walls instead of using a roller or brush?! You know how much time this would save me? One question though........would my walls turn out just as nice as doing it the other way? Guess I should try it and see.

How can someone be creative technology/engineering wise but have absolutely no idea about decorating or color schemes? I seem to be suffering from this disease. I am creative when it comes to restoring things but I have NO clue how to put the pieces together.

I guess I need to get out more if I ever intended to meet a man huh?! I seem to never have the time. And NO I will not do that online dating stuff...........*shudder*

I'm tired.......where is this dude at? I am taking a nap as soon as he leaves.


Anonymous said...

I tried the spray paint thing on my walls. Tryna be cheap didnt want to buy a roller/paint tray combo and gallon of paint... yeeeaaah. Man my hand is sore from squeezing that little button on the spray can. Rollers are actually fairly fast do it the right way. leave spray paint to patio furniture and other small stuff.

Single Ma said...

That couch looks perfect for a Sunday afternoon nap.

Bouncing Back said...

When I moved, I rented a U-Haul, but paid to have the movers load the truck. I paid for about 2 hours worth of movers (I had a small apartment) and they really packed up the truck well. If you can convince some friends to help you unload, you may be able to save some cash. I'd also check CLS for people to help you move.

from the desk of said...

I love the couch set. It's such a pretty color. I don't think I've ever seen a silver set. Thanks for posting the pics. You are definitely showing that you really can get great stuff on a budget. Happy Decorating.

Tracie said...

That couch looks so good..Hey i just wanted to share some new insights on money management if you have time to check.