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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thats Mz Homeowner to you buddy!!!!!!

I closed today. It was chaotic up until the last minute but thank GOD almighty I am free at last!!!

Or am I.

UGH the things that need to be done. Gotta don my cap, hotpants, and mask and put a S on my chest.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Frugal Woman Strikes Again!!!

Oh that was sooo comic book!

Dude.......I KILLED today. I am tired, dehydrated, and I have a slight headache but it was all worth it. But wow! I came away with some amazing
steals deals. Let me just show you rather than tell you: *Excuse the mess....we are in the process of packing*

Microfiber Sofa Set
Rob & Stucky
(6 months old, Was kept in formal area so hardly any usage)
$400 for the sofa and two chairs!

Cute accent table with matching accent mirror
and two candle wall sconces, Italian themed wine rack
and matching decor signage.
Everything for $30.


Coffee Table
(solid wood, huge)
Bargained down to $22

I am going to restore the nightstand and stain it to match it to my bed and I will either stain or paint the coffee table to match it to my dinette set. I will also paint the legs of the sofa set (which are removable) so that they match the dinette set's color also. Currently the legs have a reddish tone I don't like.

A guy is coming over to hopefully buy my couches. I currently have two dinette sets and two couch sets in my not so big living room. Ugh!

Random Ish

I haven't tracked my budget since February. Its kind of exhilarating and scary at the same time. I love not having to be so detailed but there are some fuzzy spots when it comes to my monthly finances. I don't like fuzzy spots. So would it be weird to say that I can't wait until I move into my house and can start with a fresh new budget? I mean I am actually looking forward to calculating my new budget once I close on the house. Eerie isn't it?........

I may may need to hire pro movers after all. I didn't count on having any kind of furniture when I moved but since having my "AH!!" moment and tracking and snagging deals a la CL, I have accumulated more furniture then I originally had. I don't want to deal with the real pro movers because they always try to pull ish like 3 hour minimums and charging by how much your furniture weighs and stuff. Both are a bunch of bull. But I do want the assurance that insurance and licenses bring and private movers may not be able to provide that. I'll have to sleep on that and figure out what to do later.

I can spray the paint on my walls instead of using a roller or brush?! You know how much time this would save me? One question though........would my walls turn out just as nice as doing it the other way? Guess I should try it and see.

How can someone be creative technology/engineering wise but have absolutely no idea about decorating or color schemes? I seem to be suffering from this disease. I am creative when it comes to restoring things but I have NO clue how to put the pieces together.

I guess I need to get out more if I ever intended to meet a man huh?! I seem to never have the time. And NO I will not do that online dating stuff...........*shudder*

I'm tired.......where is this dude at? I am taking a nap as soon as he leaves.

Home Purchase Update

I locked in my rate at 5.375% last week. Rates had gone up since my broker sent me my GFE (Good Faith Estimate). I then bought down the rate to 4.875% which will cost 1.25 points and the will be paid by the closing costs the seller is contributing.

This may mean an even lower monthly payment. I say may because I won't know until closing if the estimate on the property taxes
were correct or far off.

I also shopped around for quotes on hazard insurance for the house. I spoke to my future neighbor and did some research online about what kind of coverage I should have and how much. I got back 4 quotes that were pretty much identical in terms of amounts of coverage and areas covered and whose premiums ranged from $664 to $776. The only difference was the companys' reputation and ratings. I researched Demotech to find the stability rating for each company. And based off that, customer reviews, and word of mouth I went with the best company which was also the one with the highest quote of $776. I'll pay the extra $112 a year for better service and a more stable company.

I posted my shopping budget for the new house yesterday and left out patio furniture. Its not something I need RIGHT now but if I am able to spend less than the $4K I am aiming at then I will get a set. I saw a lot of good steals on CL.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Being frugal pays off big time

I have been racking my brain over ways to furnish my house but NOT bankrupt myself in the process. I created a shopping list/budget for things I will need to purchase for my first house. Even after using sale prices for pieces at modest furniture and home decor stores, my total was inching a little over $7500. This includes all appliances, living room furniture, formal area, two bedrooms, dining, office, rugs, decor, and lighting.

My facial expression ---->
(Translation: "Good lawd dats a lot of money!!")

So I started searching through sales papers, visited some furniture stores, and found different areas to cut back on. After recalculating the shopping list, my new budget is around $6500.

My current facial expression ---->
(Translation: "Uhhhhh....")

Now I had only been looking at brand new furniture. I came across a website,
Apartment Therapy, that I found very resourceful and pretty neat. I was inspired and started searching Craigs List in hopes of finding furniture that could be restored into something beautiful and grand (those who know me know that this would definitely be a project that I would have no problem taking on). But instead I found practically brand new furniture at a fraction of its current retail price. And guess what?!

Ya girl is making a killing!!!

I just purchased a 4 month old American Signature dining set that currently retails for $500. I paid $300 for the set.

I also purchased a beautiful espresso colored bed which included a headboard, foot board, side panels, and rails for a total of $200. I paid an extra $20 to have the guy who was selling it deliver it to my apt.

My most latest purchase involved a gigantic work station that included an chocolate desk with a hutch and filing cabinets. This thing measured 6 ft x 9 ft. Cost: $300!

You guys need to see these to really comprehend how much I saved without having to take a hit in the quality department. I am plan on buying majority of my stuff through CL, even my major appliances. There are tons of people who either just bought a house that contained new appliances that they don't like and need to get rid of, or people who moving out of town/state for whatever reason and need to get rid of their things ASAP. Tomorrow I am going to go look at a stainless steel Whirlpool side-by-side fridge which the couple purchased 3 months ago but now need to move out of state. Asking price: $475.

Here is my new home shopping list:

I am aiming at spending no more than $4000. That's $2000 less than my proposed budget! Can I do it?

I won't be relying solely on CL. I have been looking into different "Going Out of Business" sales that have been popping up. Nothing has caught my eye as of yet. e-Bay has had some lil treasures in the lighting and decor department.

If you guys have any suggestions leave a comment.