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Sunday, November 11, 2007

November Budget

I have been slacking on my blogging game. I apologize. Things have been a lil crazy in Dimples' World. Trying to make some grown-up decisions and also getting a head start on my plans for 2008.

Here is my November Budget:

I upped my Misc budget from to $150. I have a couple of doctors appointments for this month and I am also going out of town for Thanksgiving.

The Cable/Internet category should really just be Internet since I am done with the cable. I am so happy I made that choice. I watch all my shows online. And I watch them when I WANT to. Not when it comes on. This plays nicely into my crazy schedule. Now I can get more important things done and catch up on my free time, which is usually the weekends. I just realized today that my daughter's fav channel, Disney, shows full episodes online. So I am good to go. I just need to get her her own computer so she doesn't have to use mine. Unlike desktops, laptops are fragile. I am looking into getting a number of movies. Anyone know a good place to get them? I find them extra cheap on Amazon but the $3 per DVD for shipping kinda kills it for me. I will have 5 movies for a subtotal of $7 but as soon as the damn shipping charges hit my total is then almost $30 bucks. Sucks!

I dropped grocery budget to $75 this month. With me being on my diet and then the upcoming holiday, I won't be doing that much cooking therefore less shopping. And post-Thanksgiving is leftover central. Do you know how many recipes alone you can make from the turkey???? Watch me do a post on it. Dimps can get seriously creative when dealing with leftovers. And I have neva had any complaints. ;-)

I am paying double my minimum payments this month. Therefore I only have about $140 left for my debt snowball. Paying double the minimum will boost my credit score. I have some things in the works and I need the boost. I don't know if the boost will be temporary. Hopefully it isn't.

I plan on selling on eBay real hard this month. I have tons of stuff to sell. I just need to get on my game.

Alright. Its 1 am here and I am pretty sleepy.



SavingDiva said...

Good luck with the eBay sales! I'm right there with you...I'm hoping to get a few more items sold this week...trying to make a serious deposit into my down payment account this month.

Anonymous said...

Check out for DVD's - they usually have a pretty good selection, always have sales going on and I have never paid more than $1 for shipping.

Good luck!