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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Deals and Steals from Kmart and Macy's Coupon

Macys' coupon for Big Sale event happening on 11/16 and 11/17 from store opening until 1 pm:

$10 off $25 or more @ Macys

Kmart currently has a two coupons out:

20% off any 1 item for KMart - 11/11-11/17 and 11/18-11/21 (2 coupons)

I found some nice items on Kmart circular for this week. And they become even nicer after the 20% off:

Sale Price: $199.99 Price after coupon: $159.99

Sale Price: $199.99 Price after coupon: $159.99

(also available in navy with yellow inside)

Sale Price: $69.99 Price after coupon: $55.99

Emerson stainless-steel .9-cu.-ft. 900 watt microwave oven

Sale Price: $49.99 Price after coupon: $39.99

I vaguely remember reading on someone's blog that they wanted a luggage set with 360 wheels. Check out this ones above.

As you all can see I have been in a holiday sale daze. I mean it crazy. All I can see is bargains. But regardless of all that I am happy to say that I have only purchased ONE thing and nothing since then. Yes I may spend hours a day looking at sales online and in the circulars but thats where it stops. I haven't even attempted any purchased online this whole week. That is a big feat for me. :-D

I am really considering getting that LCD TV though.

Hope yall enjoy the deals on this post.

Ciao bellas!


Kmart Sale doesn't start until 11/18/07


Mya. said...

wow, great deal on that luggage set. too bad I'm not in the market!

And good job with your restraint. I'm getting the don't want to spend money holiday blues.

Single Ma said...

That was me who wanted 360 on the luggage set. Nice deal, but I need brighter colors - red or hot pink. I get tired of posting up at the turn style like a quarter back waiting to grab my bag. If it stood out like a sore thumb, I could spot it a mile away. Good looking out though!

...and no more shopping for self! Promise?

Dimples said...

@ Single Ma

Promise. Only thing I have bought is the cookware set. Ooo and some DVDs but they were on sale for $3.99 @ Best Buy (iRobot and Hitch.....I luv me some Will Smith)