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Saturday, November 17, 2007

How I plan to spend less than $150 total on Christmas gifts

So I am challenging myself to spend no more than $150 on Christmas gifts. Big ticket folks will be my daughter and my mom and I have no clue what I am getting them.

Here are the gifts that I have bought:

From My Deals Blog:

You can get a set of 3 Built a Bear Shrek Babies for $9. Just go through the link, add the item, use $5 off code 91885 at checkout, and total will be $5 + $4 shipping = $9

I just bought this for my godson.

I also purchased a 6 items of this fragrance from Bath and Body work 2 days ago. My total was $21.60
Per Single Ma:

Select six (6) Bath & Body Works Signature Collection items (any scent) that are on sale 5 for $25. Remember to select SIX of them though. When you view the shopping cart, your total should be $30 plus shipping costs. Then type in the promotion code FROSTY and click apply. Your subtotal will be reduced by $10 and shipping will be reduced to $0. Easy gift set for 20 bucks!

I will split this up into 2 sets (3 in each set) and give it to two folks off my list.

I bought these about 2 months ago and only paid $1.97 for the shipping. (The sale is over even though the link shows the price as $0.)

To date I have spent a total of $32.28 and the gifts I bought will take care of 4 on my list. That leaves 6 remaining (10 total).

I think I got this on lock! :-D Anyone wanna join me in this challenge?? I dare yall!

Off to the Classics in O-town. Have a great Saturday!!

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