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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mo Coupons

Tis the season to be shopping! La la la la la la la la la.

And you better use some coupons! La la la la la la la la la.

Alrighty, here is an update of coupons, new and old:

Barnes & Noble Coupon: 25% off one item H6T9C3U - Expires: 11/18/07

Barnes & Noble Coupon: 20% off one item F9B7F8X - Expires: 11/18/07

Barnes & Noble Coupon: 20% off 1 Item (Printable Coupon) Expires 11/18/07

25% off any 1 item from Barnes and Nobles (ends today 11/18)

Gap: 30% off purchase BKJWVQ59VZ8D - 11/15 - 11/18 only

20% off any 1 item for KMart - 11/11-11/17 and 11/18-11/21 (2 coupons)

$10 off 30 Bath and Body Works Printable coupon or online code: VELVET10 (till 12/2)

Office Max $10 off 20 Coupon is good until 11/30

Avenue: 20% off purchase : 71300 - Expires 11/16

Avenue: $15 off any dress - Expires 11/20

Chadwicks 30% off one item : CHVEGAS - Expires 12/03


Single Ma said...

Lawd, this chic is getting TOO happy! I take it back when I said go for it. Reign in the spending girl! Reign it in!! LOL

Dimples said...

Girl its sad they way I get bout some shopping. And don't let me get a great deal on something. Woohoo! Its all over then. All over.....


Luckily I haven't done any shopping since the cookware set from Macys. Taking it nice and easy. Niicceee and eeeaasssyy.

Dream said...

Yay for coupons that we can actually USE! When I'm shopping for stuff I usually run a Google search like "Amtrak coupon" or "Victoria's Secret coupon" and I usually come up with something!