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Thursday, April 3, 2008

End of the Month Report - March 08

I was so bad this month. I mean REAL BAD!! I should be spanked for the ish I pulled this past month. And not spanked in that kinky sort of way..........anyways I digress. Let's get started shall we.......

I had $1227.82 left over from my tax refund. On top of that I brought in $337.41 in extra income that consisted of sales I made on Amazon and eBay, income from my side business, and blog income.

Rent & Utilities:
Everything but my damn cell phone bill was cool in this area. I am about fed up with Cingular. I keep getting these weird charges (like being charged twice for a text message) and every time I go to fight it, the only option I am given is to upgrade my plan in order to cancel out the overages. So I upgraded my plan from 450 anytime minutes and free nights and weekends for $39.99 to 900 minutes and free nights and weekends for $59.99. Why isn't there a middle plan for 650 minutes for $49.99??? Anyways my contract with them ends January of 2009. I am NOT falling for the "special offers" anymore and will be switching to Metro PCS where I can pay $50 a month and talk AS MUCH as I want.

Well yall all know bout the repair bill. Not having a car payment, which I budgeted for, canceled that out. I had to pick up my daughter from South Florida and I also drove to Tampa so those account for my gas overage.

I went over my grocery budget. BUT there is a very good reason for it. I went on a fast around the third week of March that called for some special and expensive ass ingredients. My March dining budget was blown sky high, SKY HIGH!!! Ri-damn-diiculous I tell you. I decided to treat my peeps to lunch at Perkins. Why folks wanna eat da expensive stuff when they AINT paying??? Huh? Bill came to $95. Their my family and I love them but dag nabbit we going to Wendy's next time. Order off the $1 menu....... Think I'm playing?

I paid off two of my credit cards using some of the remainder of my tax refund.

eBay is addictive. Especially when one night I decided to look at some Baby Phat purses. OMG!!! And Juicy Couture...........I almost bid on one of those (starting bid was $180 yall!!).

Regarding the Others category:

Remember this lounge chair on my wish list:

Well I purchased it for $150 (Lady had it originally listed for $300 on Craig's List). Remember now, I need to invest in my sanity. I also bought some miscellaneous stuff. I won't go into detail. I just bought a whole load of ish.


I won't even waste yall time with excuses. My net worth decreased by 4%.

The End


Fabulously Broke said...

We all have down months... :) and that lounge chair looks.. delicious...

Single Ma said...

I also some miscellaneous stuff. I won't go into detail. I just bought a whole load of ish.

Now you KNOW I'm nosy. Spill it!LOL

It's ok to spend as long as you spend LESS than you earn. To justify my spending, I've separated earned income from side gig income. The former is dedicated to bills, savings, and investing. And the latter is extra savings (if I feel like it) but primarily play money. I've found that having a dedicated source of play money helps to control spending and the follow on guilt.

spillingbuckets said...

I agree with Single Ma about the play money. We budget 5% of income to fun stuff, and that way we always have something to play with while still making our budget goals. You'd be surprised how fast 5% builds up, and how you don't really miss it for bills.

Dimples said...

@ Fabulously Broke

Chile this month went waayyyy down. LOL Lounge chair: Don't it though?!! It feels fantabulous!!

@ Single Ma

I feel you. I restrict myself so much that when I do wind up buying something(s) I go on a spree. It's chaos. I gotta reign it in. I am gonna hope on that spending fund thing again tho. Most def

@ Spilling Buckets

Thanks girl. I am definitely going to get back on track with my spending fund.

JusBComingFrugalat21 said...

Hi I just found your blog by way of single ma. I am feeling it already. Looking forward to more.

be blessed & be a blessing

JusBComingFrugalat21 said...

haha ( about haitian food).. I know nothing, cant even cook it. Boyfriend said he'll leave me for a "real" haitian woman, never mind I was actually born there, cuz the boy loves him some legume and rice and beans.. I cook american food.with caribbean flair and he is always asking where the bouillion @.

Sistah Ant said...

it's okay. you admire your organization and accountability, and with those things, you'll do better!