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Friday, March 14, 2008

Everything Happens For A Reason

Yes it does! And God is so good that I can't help but just be in awe of him.

Let me hip yall to how good he actually is.

I did a post earlier this week giving an update on my car situation. Due to the speediness of some awesome chicks at my credit union and the grace of God, my refinance was completed rather quickly. This allowed me to NOT have a car payment for this month. This meant I now had $550 dollars available to use at my discretion. And of course, in accordance with the theme of my blog, I planned to apply $400 of that towards my credit card debt. The remaining $150 was to be used towards my car maintenance for this month (I wanted to get some tints on my car).

Well my car has been acting funny. It would make this clicking noise every time I made a turn. And yesterday it started shaking. I called up the Honda dealership and set up an appointment to get it checked out. I went in this morning and an hours later this is what the service tech told me I needed:

  • -Two new tires ($225)
  • -Replace rear differential fluid which was causing the noise ($98)
  • -Replace worn down break pads ($170)
Total cost = $540.28

Car payment money that had gotten "freed up" = $550

Coincidence? Naw. Ain't nothing but my GOD working it out!!

I have had to pay my share of car repair bills before. And each time I wondered where the heck I was gonna get the money. Not this time.

The service rep brought the repair estimate. I analyzed it, had them remove the "suggested but not needed" maintenance items they added, asked them to price match Good Year's sale price for the same tires they had (which they did), and handed them a 10% off coupon I had received a while back. After all this was applied he gave me a bill estimate of $540. I smiled and told him that they could start working on the car. I can seriously say that that was the first time I was able to say ok to a car repair and was alright. I was alright because I knew EXACTLY where I would get the money for this.

If you all could only imagine the hustling it took to get my refinance processed by 4 pm on Monday. Mind you, I called Statefarm on SATURDAY to initiate the process. The loan department wasn't even open on Saturday. So that means that the whole refinance process took less than 7 hours. I am talking about from getting approved for the refinance to my credit union overnighting the payoff. That whole process usually take 4-5 days. Yall can't tell me that wasn't God working that miracle!!

What if they didn't process it in time and I had to pay the $532 car note??? I would have had to pay the car repair bill with some of my emergency fund.


I don't even wanna think about it. Only numbers I wanna see decreasing is my debt.

I am happy. I am happy because I just paid a $540 repair bill and it didn't cause in ripple or wave in my life. I am still on track with my goal to pay my credit card debt off by October of this year. The extra $550 this month would have only helped me pay off my debt about 2 weeks earlier than my goal but oh well. Remember, I don't have a car note next month either. So that will go towards my cc debt and take me even closer to D-Day.

Well I had to share that with yall. This year has been going pretty good for me. I am getting blessings left and right. I gotta go pick up my daughter from school but when I get back I'll tell you guys about some other awesome things happening in Dimples' life.


Mrs Nespy said...

He is good indeed! Isn't it awesome to see him work out the details in our lives? Although these issues are big to us, they are big in the whole scheme of things. Just a warm feeling to know that He loves us that much! And you will be further blessed because you recognized it was all His work.

Single Ma said...

Praise him! Love it!

Question(s) though:

How long have you had the car? Depending on your driving habits, tires (especially the first set of factory tires) shouldn't need replacing for 5-6 yrs. Did you do the penny test to check the tread? What exactly did they say was wrong with the tires and how did that contribute to the problem of clicking noise when turning? Could they have just rotated them? Now you have 2 new tires and 2 old tires, so you may notice a considerable difference in the smooth ride and/or handling of your vehicle.

I worked at Autozone for 2.5 years and never heard of a "back differential." What's that and why wasn't it under warranty on a fairly new car? When you said clicking noise when you turn, I was thinking of the drive shaft, steering column, or CV joint. Maybe a "back differential" is another name for one of them. *shrug*

I'm sure it isn't unusual that you would need new pads, they can wear out pretty quickly depending on your driving style, but what does break pads have to do with clicking noise when you turn? I don't trust the dealer's service dept and those fixes just don't add up to me.

Praise God that you didn't have to come out of pocket for these repairs, but we must be good stewards of His blessings (i.e. money). I think some of these fixes were just conveniences (although probably needed one day in the future), but I'd be curious to know if the clicking noise goes away.

JW said...

Praise the Lord!! That was good news.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it have been a better thing for there not to have been a need for a repair in the first place? So, divine powers gave you $550 then took it away by breaking your car?

Dimples said...

@ Everyone except Anon

Thanks guys!

@ Anon

No sweetie.

Before I start, my post referred to God so I will continue to refer to him in my answer.

GOD knew that I had a large bill coming up and made it possible for me to pay it without hurting my bank account. If we lived in a perfect world then I wouldn't have had any need for a repair. Shoot I wouldn't have ANY BILLS period. But we don't now do we. God made it possible for me to pay that bill without causing so much as a ripple in my world. And I am thankful for that.

Tired of being broke said...

He is good indeed. So many times we try to do things on our own, instead of leaning on him.