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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Moving Fund and other stuff

My moving fund is coming along nicely. It is currently sitting at $208. Counting this week, I have about 4 weeks until my projected closing date. I'm going to go ahead and list my leather couches and dinette set for sale this weekend. That should bring in about $300. I'll list my two office desk and chairs after I close because will go pretty quickly.

My initial budget was set at $335. After some research I came up with a revised list of moving expenses:

Moving Supplies -> $50

Movers -> $75 $25 (Friends are helping. As long as they are fed they are good to go.)

Truck -> $50

Cleaning of apartment after move-out -> $25 $45 (Previous listed cost was base w/o extras)

Cleaning of new home prior to move-in -> $20 $55 (Ditto)

Delivery fee for new appliances -> $65 $0 (Ya girl got the hook up!)

Paint and tools -> $40

Repairs (the ones I will take care of) -> $50 (Spoke to a co-worker who owns a construction company and a rep at Home Depot. Parts needed to make repairs will run me a lil under $50.)

Current Total: $330

I am working on getting quotes for the repairs that will need to be handled by a professional. But from talking to my co-worker and the Home Depot rep the total should be between $250 and $300.

Random Thoughts

My agent had a guy from church, who works for ADT, come out and do an estimate on the house. The guys called me and let me know that an alarm system had already been installed at the house and I would only need to pay $99 installation to replace the Brinks alarm panel with an ADT one. Lowest monthly plan available is $34 and through him I would get a $200 rebate which would arrive 4 weeks after my install date. Not bad. I'll definitely be signing up with him.

I currently have Progress Energy for my electrical service at my apt. FPL services the house. So I will be getting back my $285 deposit back from Progress 4 weeks after I cancel my service. They have had that money for about 6 years. Wonder how much interest it had accumulated?

I'll be canceling my Vonage service this weekend and will get a basic land line for the house. I hardly use my home phone and I need a land line for the security system.

I am contemplating getting cable at the house. Contemplating......

I promised my daughter that we would get a dog once we got a house. Choosing a dog is so hard. First I wanted to get one from the pound or humane society but I don't want to end up with an abused psycho dog with problems. I have enough on my own. One of my co-workers just got herself a golden retriever from a breeder. That puppy is so cute but too damn hyper. I need an active dog but not overly hyper. One that is medium-sized and doesn't shed a lot. I wanna get a puppy but I do not want it peeing and pooping all up in my new house. HELP! If you guys have any suggestions let me know. We won't be getting a dog until this summer so I have time to do some research and figure out some things.

I pride myself on being independent and doing everything I need to do for myself and my daughter on my own but sometimes........sometimes.........I just want to hand the reins to someone else and curl up in my bed and sleep for days.

So much to do..........

So much to remember..................


Lez<3 Lou said...

so every proud of you. nothing like a strong black woman, sak pase? lol..everything will be just fine!

Dimples said...

@ Lez

Nap boule!!!!!

What up chica? Thanks for that! I have my days but I am feeling much better. I'll I need is to see evidence of my continuous success and I am inspired to keep trucking and aiming high.

Dedicated said...

We adopted our dog, she was about a year old then and is currently the best dog I have ever had or known. No matter which way you go - get a cage. Cage training is the best and it limits the amount of damage when you are not looking. Like puppies chewing things up. :-)

Also, go to the pet store, after you find the pet you love and pick up a fur-minator. I recently got one, do to getting my grandparents dog that sheds 100x's worse then my dog and it works better then imagined. I just grab a plastic (walmart)bag and sit with them on the floor at night watching t.v. and brush them. Seems to help a lot and my vacuum is getting a break.

I only wish I was as prepared as you, when I bought my first home.

Dimples said...

@ Dedicated

Thanks for the info on the dog issue. On the being prepared thing: I'm anal like that. LOL! I HAVE to be prepared or I feel lost. I think its a Capricorn thing.

{Kay Kay} said...

I know terriers tend to be more, um, busy and tend to nibble more when they play. Try to talk to someone at a vet office or talk to the workers at a pet store get their info and search for your breed of choice somewhere else.
Ditto what Lez said. I am extremely proud of you too. :o)

Fabulously Broke said...

Gosh, I am no help on dogs but you definitely need one that is toilet trained already and maybe hypoallergenic.

My friend has a little dog that is hypoallergenic and she doesn't shed at all...

Dimples said...

@ Fab

Hypoallergenic dogs?! Wow! Sign me up!

Anonymous said...


I found my dog on This site will show you several different groups that have dogs available - and lets you put in your requirements. They also have a lot of information on picking a dog, training, costs and more. Sadie was a year old, potty trained and partially trained to sit and come when I got her - which was awesome for me. It also really helped me out that she was inexpensive to adopt - $100 and had already had all of her shots, was spayed and microchipped! I too was worried about having a dog that fit me and wasn't afraid of the world in general, to this day I have no clue why she was given up and think that they were crazy to do so, she has made my life so happy! I really don't mean to come off as preachy, I just wanted to let you know that there are good dogs out there that need homes and that this site is an awesome resource - even if you decided to get a puppy somewhere else!


Dimples said...

@ Kay Kay

Thanks chica!

@ K

Your not preachy. Thanks for the website. Already on it searching. Its perfect. Thanks for the information.

Les@SpillingBuckets said...

I volunteer at the Humane Society in my county, and so I have to recommend them... A lot of the dogs that come in are still younger (1-2 years) and are not abused. Most are turned in because "the owner didn't have enough time" or "someone developed allergies" or my personal favorite: "a new landlord would't allow dogs" (If I had a dog I wouldn't even consider non-dog friendly places to live...)

Anyways - we get a lot of great animals, and adopting one is often saving it's life. (We have a 40% kill rate) :-(

So, you can find great, young but not puppy, dogs at Humane Societies, and I would recommend looking there first.

Dimples said...

@ Les

Thanks for the info. Yeah I kinda basically decided to go that route. Someone gave me the website and they list pets at the local humane societies around my area. Pets are adorable. So i'll hit them up when i am ready.

from the desk of said...

wow, you go girl. you are so good at making it happen. i'm so excited for you. congratulations! and know that you truly inspire me.

nancy said...
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Tired of being broke said...

Once you are settled in all the hard work will be worth it. Just keep thinking of your new home.

Dimples said...

@ from the desk

Aww thanks girl! Glad I can be an inspiration.... I am just doing what I need to do for my baby.

@ Tired

That is all I have been thinking about. Gonna make myself sick with all this thinking and dreaming. LOL. It is coming soon.

Jaz said...

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