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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Moving Fund

I have already started evaluating different costs that will be associated with the purchase of this home, specifically moving costs and furnishing my home.

In leu of future moving costs, I have started up a moving fund. The fund will be used to cover moving supplies, movers, truck, and delivery of my new appliances at the least. Hopefully it will also cover some of the things needed to get the house ready for move-in (ex: paint, minor repairs, cleaning).

Here is my preliminary budget:

Moving Supplies -> $50

Movers -> $75

Truck -> $50

Cleaning of apartment after move-out -> $25

Cleaning of new home prior to move-in -> $20

Delivery fee for new appliances -> $65

Paint and tools -> $50

Current Total = $335

I will be selling off my furniture and some other miscellaneous items and the money from the sales will go towards my moving fund. The same with any extra income from my blog or side hustles. I started selling off some of my furniture this weekend through craigslist and have already made $170 so far. Big items will be sold in about 3 weeks or so and they should bring in an additional $350.

Because I wont have much furniture left to move except for our beds (mattresses only) and a chaise, I decided it would be too costly to hire professional movers to just move a whole bunch of boxes. So I asked a few of the high school boys in my church if they would be free for a couple of hours on a Saturday in late March to help me move. I offered to pay them $25 a piece and they all jumped on it. I should only need at most 3 guys.

I found this cleaning service owned my single moms that only charge $25 for a small apartment. I am going to be dealing with my new home and will not have time to go back and clean my apartment. I definitely see this as money to be well spent. And I am going to hire them to clean my new home (crossing fingers) prior to me moving in. The house looks clean but a lot of people have trekked in and out and I have no clue what level of cleaning was done when the old owners moved out. to be well spent.

Currently there is no fridge or washer and dryer at the new house (common occurrence with bank-owned or foreclosed homes). There was a new stove installed but I don't like the look of it and the dishwasher is old and disgusting. I will be purchasing new appliances from the Sears Outlet in the area and have it delivered to the house a couple of days after my closing date. The delivery charge is $65 for up to 5 pieces of appliances. I went by the outlet yesterday to get a gist of what the prices will be. I'll do a post on my budget for furnishing my new house.

There are a few minor repairs that need to take place prior to move-in. The guy that is going to do my home inspection will also give me an estimate on the things that I saw. I'll look up the average cost for each one and get a ball park figure. Once I get those I'll add those estimates to my budget.

Alrighty yall. That's my budget. Let me know if I am missing anything.



Dedicated said...

Wow, that is an amazing price to clean you old place.

I think I would add in, pizza or sandwiches and drinks for the boys and tip for the cleaners.

Sounds like you are more then prepared.

Dimples said...

@ Dedicated

Tru on the food for the boys. They can eat too. LOL. And I'll add the tip to my budget for the cleaners. How much of a tip is good?

I try and always be prepared. As much as I can be anyways.

from the desk of said...

i think it's great that you're creating a moving fund. i think you have all your basis covered. don't forget porch furniture since the weather will be nice soon and you and your daughter will be able to enjoy a nice sunny day sitting outside on your new deck.

Sheena said...

yes, a moving fund is VERY Important. I also would add an misc amount of maybe a $100; you never know what last minute item you need to get, like step stool, tape, screw driver, etc.

We moved in this past weekend end and we hired movers; it was the best $390 we EVER spent. They moved us and set up our furniture in 2 hours!..Yep 2 hours! We actually had time on our hands.

I also agree with the pizza/food idea.

Congrats on the house chica!

Dimples said...

@ from the desk

I am working on the budget for the new furniture and that will be included. I'll post that when I finish.

@ Sheena


Yeah, I don't plan on doing much physical labor. That's what I will be paying the boys to do. I'll more than likely be trying to get other things done. I'm hoping to be moved in within two hours.

velvet jones said...

It seems that you've failed to outline a house warming party budget. ;) I kid! Congrats on buying the house!

Dimples said...

LOL @ you Velvet!

Girl that won't be coming for at least 1 month after a move in or so. I got a lot to do first.

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Lez<3 Lou said...

Hey lady!!! wow i have so much catching up to do on your blog. moving huh? and I <3 craigstlist its the best source for almost everything...catch ya later.

Anonymous said...

Hello!Don't forget the costs of setting up new services - gas, power, water, phone, cable etc. This was a big budget buster and a surprise to me.

I'm so excited for you!

Jerry said...

Yes, I was thinking about the utility costs, as well. Those can lead to a large unexpected expenditure in many cases, so you want to be ready for it so you don't end up cashing in your retirement annuity in order to have heat, light, and water... Feeding the troops is also a great idea, and they will definitely appreciate it.