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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Great news and even greater plans!

I received my offer this afternoon. :-D

I tentatively accepted the position because I wanted to fully understand what exactly was on the table. I was able to get off work an hour early and headed to the HR office. I only had to renegotiate a couple of items. Once I was satisfied with everything I accepted the position. My new position is higher than what I applied for and I also received a 3% pay increase. I signed my offer letter, took my benefits package, and left that office one happy lady.

My new salary, which will be a little over $75,000 per year, opens new doors and opportunites and offers a shorter and better paved route to those goals I have set for myself. Here is a list of some of those new/revised goals:

  • - I will be going for my MBA come this spring.

  • - I will be credit card debt free before the year is over.

  • - I will be a home-owner within the next year.

  • - I will have my personal loan paid off before the end of 2009.

My detailed plans on achieving each and every goal is to come. It will be very aggresive so I am not sure on my savings goal. I want at least a month's of bills to be there at all times, which equals to approximately $2500. Not much of a safety net but it's something.

Anyways, once I get a more detailed plan laid out I'll post it on here.

I really don't want to go back over the last 3 months to create financial reports. I KNOW its going to be time consuming and just pure terror. I may just do one for August and call it a day. Start off fresh for this month.



Anonymous said...

Congrats on all of your blessings. You are a rock star!

Dedicated said...

Congratulations on your fabulous step to freedom! Remember this when you feel tired and unfullfilled. Life is anything you make it!

Sistah Ant said...

This all sounds wonderful! CONGRATULATIONS! Now you get to figure out how to use that additional 3% wisely!

*Ms.B* said...

I really enjoy reading your blog.. I tried to send you an email but the site was acting crazy.

Single Ma said...

CONGRATS!! Everything sounds so exciting and you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Looks like your stepping out on faith has paved the way to great things...congrats again!


laura @ no more spending said...

Are you ok dimples?

Dimples said...

@ laura

Yes mam. Been busy. I am going to start posting again this weekend. Hope all is going well with you.