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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lower Monthly Internet Bill: Check

Remember in my "My Money is acting Funny!" post I talked about how some of my budget categories would be increasing in June? And how I was going to work on finding a way to combat some of those?

Well I was able to get my monthly internet bill lowered back to the original $19.99 I have been paying for the last year.

I called Brighthouse earlier this week and requested that I be put on another promotion with a lower rate than I currently had ($29.99) or I would cancel my service and go with someone else. Within 5 minutes I was put on a current promotion that was running for new customers, $19.99/month for Roadrunner Lite. I was also able to keep my current internet plan and speed (which is a bit faster than Roadrunner Lite).

Now to work on the other stuff.......

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