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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Money is acting Funny!

The past two weeks have been real hectic. I was working on a important project that took a lot of my time and drained a lot out of me. I was hitting the sack no later than 9:30 on most days. But it is complete and I am done with it for good.

Now let us get into this funny money business. Remember my budget for this month and the highlighted fields? If you don't then here it is again:

My expenses have increased by $75 since last month (technically it increased by $510 if you count the car note but I am focusing on the categories that were pretty much stagnant for the past several months). My rent went up from $650 to $700. The promo that I was on for my internet ended and I am now paying regular price. Food prices have increased and I had to increase my grocery budget in order to keep up. I am outside of my home more than usual and I have to resort to using my cell phone more than usual. I had to upgrade my plan after two months of excessive overages.

On top of all that my monthly expenses will increase even more in June. My daughter is currently enrolled in Florida's VPK program which pays for 15 hours of my daughter's weekly tuition. I basically pay $75 a week versus the regular of $110. Well VPK ends on May 28 and Starting June 2 I will be required to pay the full $110/week which basically increases my daycare budget by about $140/month. By the look of things I will have around $100 a month for my debt payoff which kills any chances of me becoming debt-free by October much less the end of this year.

Don't EVEN get me started about gas!!! I spent a total of $200 on gas last week. ONE WEEK!!!

So I have been brain storming a couple of ways to handle and reverse this funny situation:

  1. 1. Internet Service
    1. - Call bill company and threaten to close my account and see if I can get a lower rate.
    2. - Call bill company and see if I can hop onto another promo.
    3. - Research and find cheaper internet service.
  2. 2. Daycare
    1. - Call around and find inexpensive daycare/summer camp around my area.
    2. - Talk to director at current school and see if she can work with me
    3. - Send the munchkin to stay with Grandma for the entire summer (:-))
  3. 3. Gas
    1. - Get on projects that I can work on from home.
    2. - Find ways to save on gas.
  4. 4. Cell
    1. - Use work cell phone more
    2. - Down grade plan and remove data package

I will also work on my side hustle to bring in more income in order to combat my increasing bills.

In other news......

I received my stimulus payment on Friday in the tune 0f $900. Remember when I stated that I would add $100 to the and add all to my savings? Well I changed my mind. Here is what I have done with the money so far:
  • - $461 to my savings account
  • - $30 for trip to Dominican Salon on Saturday (Thanks SM)
  • - $75 for car tints
  • - $100 for bro's gradaution gift
  • - $110 eye exam and contacts
That leaves me with about $114 in the bank. If nothing major comes up then that money will most likely go towards one of my credit cards.

So much to do yet so little time.....



Chile, that just reminds me I need to hop on the tint game aint cute to be sweating in a car with the windows up.

Jessi said...

Have you considered upping your cell phone plan and eliminating your home phone?

AP said...

Summer camps are really expensive. I've been trying to find information for scholarships as well. I wrote on this topic just a few days ago. I'm going to cross my fingers for the both of us!

Anonymous said...

For your information, there is a great little online personal budgeting utility that is totally free and truly anonymous and risk free. I have been using it for 2 month now and it's a dream tool for those of us who want to get budgeted out of debt and trouble in life.

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Happy budgeting.