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Thursday, May 1, 2008

End of the Month Report - April 08

April went pretty smoothly. I need to control my spending. Thankfully, I brought in a nice chunk of extra money to cover my spending. Alrighty, shall we begin?

I had $84.53 left over from last month. I brought in an extra $277.98 that consisted of blog income, Revolutionary Money Exchange referrals, Vindale Research, and two sales on Amazon. left over from my tax refund.

Rent & Utilities
I had to pay my cell phone twice this month. I was wondering why I had so much money left over from the previous month. Turns out the payment I made in April did not get processed. So I winded up paying for my cell phone twice. Luckily I had the money ready in my account.

No car payment this month. Yay!

I went over my grocery budget by $13.19. Due to my health situation I had to clean out the unhealthiness in my fridge and restock on spices and condiments.

I made regular payments and paid down a credit card.

I went way over my beauty budget. The internet is the debil and satan's offspring invented sales. *sigh* I didn't spend my entire clothing budget. The Old Navy and Macy's sales this month were off da chain and I did real good on getting more for wayy less. I went over my medical budget. I had one prescription that was more than I bargained for. And then it turned out my daughter didn't even need it.

Other: This included tithing and dry cleaning.


My net worth increased by $1006 this month. Any increase is good for me. I don't know about that goal of $1 by January 09 though. Can I really increase my net worth by $25,248 in 7 months? That would be something else.

In other news, I won a local radio station contest (I was caller number 9) and won myself $94 and put myself int he running to live free for a year!!!! Basically, if I get chosen, my rent/mortgage and car note would be paid for a year. Now wouldn't that be wonderful!!! I haven't gotten the money yet so I did not include it in this month's financial report. I should be getting a call to pick up the check in 3 days or so.

My budget for the next few months is gonna be a little tight. I am not sure if I will be making my debt zero goal of October. I have to choose between that and providing an enjoyable summer for my daughter. I'll explain further in my next post.



krystalatwork said...

Woo, congrats on winning that contest! How lovely it would be to live for free for a year. My fingers are crossed for you. :)

no more spending said...

Your food spending is amazing d!
I hope you win that contest as well, how fab would that be :)