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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Daycare-->Summer Camp: Check

This mom is kicking budget booty left and right.

The private school that my daughter attends is coordinating a summer camp for the grade school kids. The were offering summer camp for grades K thru 12 for $88/week. Definitely better than the $110 I was looking at paying to just keep her in plain old daycare.

So if my daughter is starting kindergarten in August she should qualify for the camp right? Wrong. Well that is what the one of the pre-K teachers told me anyways.

So being who I am I decided to speak to someone who actually had authority to say yes or no, the summer camp director.

After some chit-chatting that lasted 15 minutes I was able to get my daughter enrolled into their summer camp program for the summer. I had to pay a $140 registration fee that covered all the summer field trips and activities and others things like gas, lunch, and snacks. I will then pay $88 a week for summer camp. I don't have to pay for weeks that she will not be there (which is perfect since I will be doing a lot of traveling this summer) and Sweet Pea will be sent to the grandparents.

Now on top of saving myself $22 a week (about $100/month) my daughter will have an event- field wonderful summer which will included trips to Cypress Gardens, water parks, roller and ice skating rinks, swimming everyday, water skiing, water tubing, and even canoing. I am given the option of attending any and all field trips.

Two down and two to go. This funny money business didn't know who it was messing with.

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CT Mom said...

You go ... isn't it great when these type of things work out?

I hope your daughter has a great summer!