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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Credit Score Update

I haven't done an update of my credit scores in a while.

March Scores:

Transunion: 659

Experian: 646

Equifax: 616

April Scores:

Transunion: 675

Experian: 657

Equifax: 624

I would take credit for the high jumps in my scores but I think the fact that my car loan is not exactly included in my report at the moment may have played a big role. Statefarm shows my car loan as being paid off but there is no account for my credit union showing up. So I basically look like I have $20,000 less than I actually have (debt wise).

Oh well........I can bask in the "good" credit light for a little while can't I??

1 comment:

Sistah Ant said...

You're making progress, that's all that matters! But please do make sure that what they're reporting is accurate.