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Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Randomness

Warning!!! This post will be going all over the place. Tee hee........have fun.

Sweet & Spicy Garlic Wings

I made some tonight. It was off the chain. Mmmmm. All I did was season some chicken wings (whole) with some cayenne pepper, garlic salt, chopped garlic, and pepper. I put them in a baking dish, drizzled some olive oil and honey on them, and baked them in the over @ 400 degrees for about 25 min (or until cooked). When I took them out, I drizzled a little bit more honey on them. Oh my goodness!!! Those wings were soo good.

eBay and Amazon

I am pretty sure most of you guys do this already but if you don't here it is: ALWAYS check out eBay and Amazon before purchasing something online. I am so mad at myself for not doing this last month. I purchased some hair products from Carol's Daughter and spent $48. Well the exact same products were on sale on eBay for half the retail price. DAG-NABBIT!!! I could have saved $24. Needless to say I have learned my lesson.

Investing in my Sanity

I have started meditating for about 15 minutes each day. I bought a cd titled, "Guided Meditation for Embracing Your Power" by Yolanda King (MLK's daughter) and Wanda Marie. I also downloaded some nature sounds. I have been using both during my meditation sessions. I am also working on thinking more positively and surrounding myself with positive people. No time for drama that ain't even mine.


I signed up for the 2008 Central Florida Home Buyer Expo that will be held on June 7. There will be a lot of information given out on down payment assistance programs and other essential home buying topics. I also signed up with a homebuyer education class. The class is one of the downpayment assistance programs that I qualify for. I am getting the ball rolling. Being that I am projected to be cc debt free by September, I am aiming for a new home by the end of this year or the very beginning of 2009. Prices should be ultra low then too, allowing me to afford more home.


I am getting real antsy at my job. Over the past two months I have completed a slew of major projects under budget and before the deadline. The clients have gone out of their way to express their appreciation for my diligence and hard work to my supervisor and the VP of the company. Yet I haven't gotten so much as a head nod from any of them. I don't believe I am appreciated by my own company and I am ready to move one. I am 'ready ta go'!!!! But of course I gotta be wise about this.

Freelance Work/Side Business

I received another project to work on. I am actually going to charge for this one. It is gonna be a doozy. I know it will take a long time to complete (>2 days) but I don't want to charge the client too much (my church). So I am trying to come with a number that won't be ridiculous high to them but I will be ok with (especially with the amount of time I may need to put in). *sigh*
Gonna have to sleep on this one.

Don't you know bout me

He took me for granted. Didn't see me as the queen that I am. Blind to the aura I exude. I am me. He didn't seem to get that. So I had to let his azz go. NEXT!


I want to win the lottery. I don't even need all that much. As long as I get to pay off ALL my debt I would be happy.

I am sleepy now. Goodnight.


Single Ma said...

Yea, you are all over with this one. LOL Let's see, what do I want to comment on? Hmm...

I shop on Amazon all the time but I still feel uncomfortable navigating eBay. It's like, how do I know I'll really get what I think I'm buying. They auction hair products on eBay? Wow!

^5 on sanity investments. Do what ya gotta do. Some adults forget to leave the drama in high school.

Good luck with your home buying goal!

The rules of the game on the CSS say politicking is more important than hard work. Can't have one without the other. I'm just the messenger.

I didn't know you were freelancing for your church. I can understand your dilemma about estimating. But here's the deal, either it's charity or it's work. There is no in between. If it's work, then charge a fair rate based on your time/effort. If it's charity, do it for free. That way, your conscience will be clear.

You don't miss your water 'til your well runs dry. Some men learn and some never will. *smh*

If you win the lottery, don't forget me. You know we cuzzins girl!

Sistah Ant said...

That's right, girl - you are YOU! And you better DO IT!

spillingbuckets said...

Hi. I just found your blog, and wanted to say that I like the colors - the purple is just "happy"


And the wings sound great! I haven't tried making wings on my own yet but this recipe sounds so good I might have to try this weekend.

Meditating is a great idea. I need to do more of that. Right now I exercise as stress relief when making dinner (during defrosting, etc. (I do more too, but this is just quick stress relief)) and that helps.

Good luck with career stuff.

HighClassLowIncome said...

Good for you and realizing you deserve better! I have a friend who just broke up with her man and I wish she'd just keep it moving!! Guys really aren't that important. We are all better than that.