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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

December Monthly Financial Report

I am going to make this short and sweet.

Here is my budget results for December:

I brought in an extra $2700 in income this past month. $2500 was bonus money.
I used the extra $2700 and paid off 4 credit cards. I did pretty good in all categories except Misc. I blew that one out the water. I treated myself to cute Ecko bag from Ross and a new hair-do for the new year. I also got my daughter a couple of things from Ross.

Here is my current net worth standing:

Self explanatory.

I am in the midst of revamping my budget as I said I would in my last monthly report post. Once I get that ironed out I will post January budget. I am also going to revise my PF Goals file to incorporate the finance goals I listed on my 2008 Goals post. I will post that up also.

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SavingDiva said...

Great job paying down 4 credit cards! :) I'm glad you treated yourself too