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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Unexpected Monies - Current and Future (cont)

The company holiday party was off da chain! And your girl Dimples came out on top. I walked away with a $500 cash bonus and a $250 gift certificate to a bed and breakfast in St Augustine. As I said in my post, I was going to attempt to get an iPod for my brother for Xmas. Unfortunately, they only had a grey 4G iPod nano and my brother would not have liked it. So the search continues.

I am real psyched about my bed and breakfast prize. I haven't had a vacation since I became a mom 5 years ago. I really need to take one before I wear myself out and straight lose it. My birthday is January 3 and I am trying to think on how I want to play the festivities out. I have two other friends whose birthdays are Dec 25 and Dec 29. We have been talking about combining our birthday festivities into one big thing, either it be a cruise or trip somewhere or just maybe a big party. We are trying to do that the weekend before New Years so I may cash in on the bed and breakfast getaway the following weekend. I'll keep yall posted.

As for the bonus; well that is going straight to the bank so that I can pay down this credit card debt.

We usually get another bigger bonus this time of year. I got mine last year right before we went on vacation. I have been hearing some things through the grapevine about them making bonuses once a year around our yearly assessments rather than twice a year. Again this is just gossip of which I am hoping turns out to be hog wash.

I will be posting my 2008 Career Plan and 2008 Goals soon. So stay tuned.


SingleGuyMoney said...

Congratulations on the bonus and winning the prize for the B&B. Sounds like that will be a fun trip.

Dimples said...

@ single guy

Thank ya! Trust me...I will make it a fun trip. LOL

SavingDiva said...

Congrats on the cash! I'm glad you're doing something productive with saving has gone out the window with Christmas!

Wooly Woman said...

Wow all that money coming to you at this time of year- that is awesome. And a trip to top it off, very fun!

Dimples said...

@ saving diva

Thanks chica. No worries. Get that cash back up as soon as you can.

@ wooly woman

Yes, I am definitely blessed.