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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas List Update

I bought my sister's grill today at Macy's. It was a George Foreman Next Grilleration Grill and on sale for $49.99. I had a $15 off $50 coupon that I used and I ended up spending a total of $37 on her gift. While I was at Macys I bought my Godson J a cute lil Cars hoodie set. That finishes up his gifts.

I sent off the $50 to my BFF D and that mofo sent the money right back. Ugh! Damn men and their pride. Anyways he said all he want for X-mas is for me to take the $50 and put it towards one of my credit cards. So I plan to do just that BUT I am still going to get him something. I just may make it instead. I went to this craft store to purchase a few items for my new quest of starting some new hobbies and I just fell in love with the store. I could just imagine the wonderful handmade things I could create. So I am currently brainstorming on what exactly to make him and then I will see what I will need to make it happen and how much it will cost. By the look of the prices at the store, I could easily get all my items and spend under $10 bucks.

I have one week left till I go to my parents for Xmas and I got gifts for half the folks on my list. I was going to get my daughter's gift after Xmas but I think I will get the aquarium and stuff now and then buy the goldfish when I come back up. I will be sending my mom her spending money for her trip on Saturday (I get paid Friday). I will be getting the shoes for my BFF K's son tomorrow. As for my brother, I will be waiting to see if I can cop an iPod at my company's Holiday party. Each year at our holiday party we get gifts from my boss and his wife. We play this game where your name is pulled out of a hat and you have the choice of either keeping the gift that you are called up for or stealing someone else's. A gift is "dead" after the 2nd time it is stolen meaning no one can take it from you and it is yours to keep. Well a lil snitch told me what gifts were bought and the list included an 80G black iPod. :-D So let's just say I will be trying my hardest to acquire that iPod. It's a long shot but it can't hurt to try.

I still don't know what I am going to get my dad. Any ideas?? And as for my Godson A, well he is getting a call on Sunday regarding him choosing a more affordable gift.

Anyways enough rambling. Here is the updated list:






Spending $$$ for her trip





My Sweet Pea

Her 1st pet - Goldfish


Sister L

George Foreman Grill



Sister E

Luggage Set & DVDs






Godson J

Toys & Clothes



Godson A



Best Friend K




Best Friend's son



Best Friend D







fandd said...

Hey Dimples,

What does your dad like to do? Maybe you could give him a gift that has something to do with his hobbies. Also, an engraved, framed picture of you and your daughter is also an idea.

SavingDiva said...

If the iPod doesn't work out, has a 1gb mp3 player for $32.99 (in yellow and white). If you're a first time google checkout customer, you can save an additional $10....just a thought....

Shauna said...

Sounds like you're organized! I hope your friends and family aren't reading (and find out their gifts!). If you need tips on frugal/creative gifts, check out my blog!


Single Ma... said...

Girl you are doing the dang thing with this Christmas list! Did you see the indoor/outdoor Foreman when it was $12.99? I was shocked!

I'm still working on my list. It's nowhere near as complete as yours. You gonna have to show me how to create a table on the blog. It's a nice side by side visual to help you keep track of spending.

Dimples said...

@ fandd

Unfortunately my dad's hobbies are exactly good hobbies. LMAO. I am thinking about getting him a lawn equipment. He takes pride in his lawn and I think he needs a new weed whacker (or whatever you call it)

@ saving diva

I will look into that. But I think my brother really wants an iPod. I may get him the Zune instead.

@ shauna

I will definitely check out your blog. Thanks!

@ single ma

Thanks! I hope I can come up way under budget. And I sure did see that grill but by the time I decided to get it the sale was over. :-(

In regards to the table: All you do is create the table in word (table -> draw table) and then copy and paste it into your post.