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Sunday, December 2, 2007

November End of the Month Report

It is that time of the month again! Here are my budget results for November:

November Budget Results
I have a surplus of $219.70. This is money that was allocated for my cc debt snowball but is now going to be used for my X-mas budget. As I stated in my last post, I was going to budget $250 from November and $250 from December to go towards X-mas gifts. I spent about $32 this past month on gifts. And now I have $219.70 remaining.

Income: I brought in an extra $100. A combination of income from my blog and Pinecone Research.

My budget buster has redeemed itself this month. I was UNDER in this category by $12.37. Yeah Dimps!

Gas: I went over on gas by $9.77. Still not bad. I was able to work from home majority of the time this month. I also got reimbursed for business related travel I did in November. So in actuality I spent $179.77 in gas which $70 of that was reimbursed. Should I have counted that $70 as additional income and still captured the $179.77 in my gas category?? I didn't do it this way because I didn't consider the $70 as additional income and the two trips were unexpected to I had not budgeted for them. Calculations would have been the same either way.

Rent & Utilities:
I went over in this category by 17 cents. Not much to say there.

I went over my grocery budget by $22.48. I bought groceries for my mom when we down for Thanksgiving. I still did pretty good in this category.

Car Note & Insurance:
My new life insurance policy kicked in this month so my insurance payment increased a lil.

Daughter's School:
Under budget by $75.45. We won a Fundraising contest they were having at her school. We got a free week's worth of tuition. :-)

Debt: Went over my budget by $69.87. Since I was redirecting my debt snowball money to my X-mas budget I decided to pay more than the minimum on all my cards. I paid about $5-$10 more than the minimums.

CC Debt Snowball:
Not Applicable this month. Moner redirected towards X-mas Budget.


My net worth increased by $936.89. Since April 2007, I have increased my net worth by almost $11K. Not bad. And thats 7 months of work.

I didn't post any November goals but here is some major things that took place:

  • I canceled by travel agency. YTB ain't all I thought it was cracked up to be. I was given some misleading information by a rep. I used some unexpected money I received to fund this "business" venture. Yeah I know. I don't even wanna go into the foolishness that was this decision on mine. I am in the process of getting a refund.

  • Created a career plan for the upcoming year. Post coming soon.

  • Started my business plan. Post on that coming soon too.


Our Debt said...

VERY COOL! thanks for sharing with the world.. now if I could only make things work like you.

Dream said...

go dimples!

SavingDiva said...

I think you did a great job sticking to your budget! Especially with the Misc category...I call that my fun account...and it's always out of control!

Dimples said...

@ our debt

If you only knew the nitty gritty of it all. If you only knew......LOL

@ dream

Thanks girl

@ saving diva

Thanks chica. I usually blow the Misc category out the water. But thats because I was only budgeting myself $75 for the whole darn month!! After getting some comments on how lil my Misc budget was and going over that budget two months in a row I decided to increase it. Been doing pretty decent ever since.