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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Laptop update

Well I received some great ideas regarding my need, I mean WANT of a laptop. LOL. And Krystal at Give Me Back My Five Bucks gave me the awesome idea of starting a laptop fund. And that is what I have done. I have set a goal of $500 for my laptop fund. Like I said in my previous post I don't need no top-of-the-line model with trimmings galore. I just need a decent notebook that will allow me to take care of personal and work business when I am on the road. So $500 should get me that. D.C. at Debt Challenger reminded me of the tax-free days that the Government does right before school begins and she says that computers are included. So that is something to look into.

I plan to put $50 a month into my laptop fund. If I stick to that plan I will reach my goal by ............... April 2008. Hmmmmm...........your right D.C., patience is a virtue. OMG! I don't think I can wait that long. I didn't realize it would be 10 dang on months. LMAO.

Ok rewind.

I will do the $50 a month for now BUT I will also put in $50 each time I receive additional income like a bonus, tax refund, etc
. Hopefully I can find a laptop for way less than $500 during the holiday sales like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


ms.voad said...

good luck with your fund! yeah I want to get a new computer as well... but I want all the fixin's and trimmin's. I kinda need it since I am a designer but I wish a laptop only cost me a couple hundred... try a few thousand!.. plus software. Oh well.. baby steps!

ms.voad said...

oopppss what the heck is cyber monday?

Dimples said...

@ ms. voad

I am not surprised. I suggest you start your own fund. And check out for sales during the winter holidays. You definitely need a computer with the field you will be working in. Or maybe when you get a job the company might give you a laptop.

LOL @ your second comment. You silly.

Black Friday is all the hot sales after Thanksgiving right? Well Cyber Monday is the same type of sales but only on the net and on that following Monday. They just started that last year. They sales are awesome and you don't have to deal with other customers and all that drama over the last GPS system or laptop.

D.C. said...

Oh yeah Dimples I forgot about Cyber Monday. Best Buy has the bomb deals on that day.