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Monday, June 25, 2007


I want a laptop.

Not need but WANT a laptop. Real bad

I have a suped-up desktop. It has all the trimmings and takes care of business when it comes to work and personal use.

But a laptop would be so convenient on those trips to my parents place. Or at work when I am on the road and no access to a computer.

I can get a decent laptop for around $700 bucks after mail-in rebates but that sure is a lot of money to spend on a convenience.

All my co-workers have one. Even the dang on interns. I am an engineer for goodness sake. Engineers are supposed to have all the neat gadgets like laptops, desktops, digital cams, etc. Sounds bad doesn't it? I know I shouldn't try to fit the standard but damn it its hard not to. Its like "Keeping up with the Joneses" engineering style. LOL.

It's not like I'm the typical engineer anyways. One more difference won't hurt to much.

Maybe I should search Craig's List for an inexpensive one. Like under $300. Or maybe I should forget about the laptop entirely.


I'll still have my dreams.....


Rad said...


It's ok to treat yourself to little things every now and then. $700 is a lot, but you;ve been saving a lot too. Try to find something around $500 and I think you can live with yourself :)

I signed up for PayPerPost, but I didn't qualify, I went more than 30 days without posting. I still have the link on my page in case advertisers want to sign up. Let me know how it goes for you. I'll apply again next month.

Thanks for looking out.

Krystal said...

Why don't you start a laptop fund? Since you don't really NEED it right now, you can save up for it and buy it when you have enough to pay cash for it! :)

That's what I did when I bought my new iMac ... I saved up for months and months! But it was worth it when I finally got it.

Dimples said...


No prob hon. I haven't signed up with the yet. I have been hearing about them from krystal who commented below you. Read her blog to find out more info. I'll look into joining them next week and I'll let you know how it goes.


Ooo a laptop fund?! Very very neat idea. I may just do that. $500 just get me a decent laptop. Thanks for the idea :-D.

Anonymous said...


I'm on my computer, listening to the radio and I just recently heard -- FreeLaptopNation(dot)com. You may want to check it out. Be careful though.

Anonymous said...

Well Ms. Thang if the laptop would give you the extra step in accomplishing your goals and it would help you to manage bills, I would say go for it. I know how hard it is to just have a desktop. I think one of those auction websites are good to try.

Dimples said...


You have to complete offers to get the laptop. Thats a no go on that one. Thanks anyways


I think I will start a laptop fund and just continue to check out deals as they come along. What auction sites? Like Ebay? I looked into those but I am so scared of getting stuck with a bad comp.

Anonymous said...


I agree with the fund idea. But at the same time I will give a conflicting view. Every year at school time the government does the tax free day. Computers are usually included in this so if you have some money just lying around in August I would definetly think this may be a good time to invest in one. Besides they are getting rid of last years models trying to bring in the new,new. I know my boyfriend spent almost $800 for mine and it is just over $500 now. Ugh patience would have been a virtue for me.


Dimples said...

@ D.C.

I wonder when the next tax-free days is. That might be something to look into. I can save about $35 alone on that. I know what you mean about patience. Its hard so darn hard to wait. But most of the time it pays off.