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Monday, June 25, 2007

June Monthly Report

Well June wasn't too bad. I originally set myself to reach a 700 credit score by July but that is definitely not going so happen to I pushed in back two months. Hopefully I reach my goal by then.
Still searching for ways to bring in additional income. Since my daughter will not be with me for the summer and I have free time I think I will attempt the whole NSA (Notary Signing Agent) thing. I need to do more research and get my license in the next two to three weeks. Cash Duck is still going well. I am doing good the Pinecone Research but thats only about $15 a month. I found some more GPT (Get Paid To) sites but I need to make sure they are legit first. Once I find out the good ones I will do a post and list them.

I want to take advantage of the free time I will have for the next two months and bank in as much extra money as I can. Once my Sweet Pea comes back it will once again be her world. She will be back in school and I want to get her into to some extracurricular activities. I found a place called the Young Chefs Academy that offers cooking classes for kids ages 4-16. My baby loves to cook and she could make new friends. I also want to get her in a sport. She seems to like cheer leading and dance. Is it wrong of me not to want her to do something girlie like cheer leading? Probably is.... *sigh*. A lot of the places offer a free class to 'test' things out. I'll take advantage of that and let her decide which one she likes better. I also want her to take swimming lessons. Living in Florida, I believe that to be essential to a child.

Needless to say I will be a very very busy single mom once she gets back. And I wont have any time to work on getting extra money. With my recent raise I won't have to do to much to keep my current financial plannings on track.

Well I am off to come up with a "July Goals" checklist. I'll post that tomorrow when I am done.

Dimps out.

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