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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today was a good day :-D!!!

Yes indeedy! Today was an awesome day.

The president of the company came in today and wanted to speak to me. My heart started pounding. What in the world was going on? Was I bout to get the pink slip? Nope! Mz Dimps got herself an 8% raise and a nice chunky bonus. A very chunky bonus! OMG!! My cheeks hurt so much from smiling so hard. God is good! I prayed and prayed about this and then out of the blue the blessings came.
You ever notice that when you get good news like a bonus or a raise at work that you can't get any work done the rest of the day? I spent about an hour or more calculating my new salary and trying to figure out what I would be taking home every paycheck. If my calculations are correct I will be taking home an extra $125 EACH paycheck. YEAHH BOYYYY!!!

And if you thought the good news ended there you were dead wrong buddy. LOL. I just realized that because my daughter is staying with her grandparents this summer I do not have to pay for her school. That means Mz. Dimps has $420 that she will NOT have to dish out for the next 2 months.

What is a girl to do with all this new found monies?? For the next two months alone I will have an extra $670 in monthly income. I already decided to split my bonus up between my two savings accounts. Now I need to decide if I will apply ALL the extra money to my debt, save some and apply some to my debt, or save all the extra cash and keep applying the current $500 a month to my debt like I have been doing. Based on my estimates I will have $1170 dollars left over each month after I deduct my expenses. If I incorporate my savings goal of $100 a month I will have $1070 left over each month. This is only for the next two months. So I am looking at about $2140 to fidget with. That amount could really put a nice dent in my debt. It would also look good in my savings accounts.

What is a girl to do! LOL. I'll let yall know when I come up with a plan. Until then, anyone have any thoughts?


Wanda said...

CONGRATS! Why not split the extra $$$ between savings and debt repayment (and something for yourself, too). :)

Dimples said...

Thank you :-D.

I was thinking the same thing. I might just do that. I need to take a mini vacay somewhere. Maybe Key West. I might take $100 or so and go out of town somewhere.

ms.voad said...

Hey Dimps,
I would say split it and do something nice!CONGRATS lady! Your company knew that you deserved that bonus... and then some!!

I reponded to your post on my blog...

Krystal said...

hey congrats on the raise! I agree with the other commenters - split it between your debt and your savings, but do something nice for yourself too!

When I got the lucky $700 opp at PayPerPost, I promptly went out and bought myself a purse! :) Not one inch of guilt from this gal. lol

Dimples said...


I think that is exactly what I will do. Thank you.

@ Krystal

Thanks. Yeah I have done my calculations and I believe I will do just that. Congrats on the $700 opp. A purse huh? I am a purse woman myself so I am not mad at you. LOL

My friends are going to Vegas in August and they want me to come. I may take some of the money and use it towards that. I have never been to another state so it will be a neat experience.