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Thursday, April 12, 2007

CashDuck, Moving, and Finances

Hey there blogger fam. Just wanted to hit you all up before I go ghost for a couple of days. I am moving tomorrow and I will be to busy to be chillaxing on the comp. Until then here is an update on my financial journey:

I have made $105 from CashDuck since last night. I only had to shell out $8.95 in shipping and handling fees for some free trial stuff. Not a bad turn around. Needless to say I am very content with the site and the obvious perks.........xtra income and sometimes neat stuff (I bought a pair of sterling silver earrings for $4 in one of the deals).

Due to my trip out town for Easter and moving costs I have added an extra $400 to my credit card debt. Yeah yeah yeah. I can hear you all now. LOL. I already knew this month was going to be crazy so I was a little prepared. I had $500 set aside this month to pay on my CC debt (on top of my minimum payments) so I will actually come out $100 on top. So no worries. A tiny set back. But starting in May I will be paying about $300 less in bills than I pay now and I'll have xtra moola coming in from my online hustling (see previous post). So its all gravy.

I am still in the midst of getting accepted into NSU in order to start their MBA program. I will contact my student loan folks Saturday to discuss having my loan repayment go on deferment a month or so before I start classes. I'll save $145 a month.

As soon as my credit score hit 700 I plan on refinancing my car loan with my credit union. They have pretty good rates and I love their customer service. Hopefully I can get $200 or so knocked off my monthly payment. That would be even more moola to save.


We're in the money,
We're in the money;
la la la la...........yeah you know the rest. LMAO

Alrighty. Thats all folks.

Dimps out


MarketRMan said...

Has cashduck actually sent you payments? How does it work exactly?

Dimples said...

No they haven't. There are many different ways to withdraw your earnings and most have restrictions (such as a minimum payout). I chose paypal because there is no minimum amount of earnings you need to have to withdraw. Withdrawals are posted the month after you make the request. So the 2 withdrawals I requested via paypal wont be transfered to my paypal account until May 16. Which is fine with me because this allows me to forecast my finances for the upcoming month.

D.C. said...

How did you come across Cash Duck? I assume you trust the site since you are using it but, how do you know that they'll pay out and that it is legit?

Dimples said...


I found the site while surfing through personal finance blogs trying to find ideas on bringing extra monthly income. I came across Kira's blog ( about her business, CashDuck. I went to the site and read all the help files (similar to frequently asked questions) and it seemed pretty legit. The site has been around for less than a year (09/2006). If you want to do a test run I say sign up, do some offers that don't require you to pay for anything, withdraw your money via paypal once you get paid, and then wait until May to see if the money gets transferred into you account. Or even better: Google CashDuck and read all the reviews from other PF bloggers.

D.C. said...

cool thanks! I'm asking you questions like you work there huh?! :O)

Dimples said...

LMAO. Naw. I don't mind. I do the same thing. Always good to ask questions before you try something new.

Anonymous said...

Cashduck is a pretty good website but I also really like cuz they give you a 10% bonus when you cash out at least $100.