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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Making Xtra moola on top of the day job

I have been surfing the net trying to find ways to make some extra money. I have been looking for opportunities that wont be overwhelming and where I can earn a decent paycheck (at least $350 a month is my goal). I have listed the results of my search below:

  • AGLOCO - Short for "A Global Company." Concept is pretty simple: Join for free, download a viewbar, get paid for actively surfing, and get paid even more for referring others. You can sign up with them using this link.
  • EbookDrop - Largest electronic book buyer. They will buy any book you have to sell thats in their system. Some folks go to thrift stores and purchase books there and then turn around and sell it on this site. As a recent college graduate this site is ideal. I have so many books from school that I have no need for.
  • CashDuck - CashDuck has many different offers. Some are free and some are not. You get paid various amounts for each offer you complete. (I made $140 in two days)
  • Ebay - Good ole Ebay. You know the deal. I am moving on Friday and while packing I have come upon things I dont need or use anymore. As soon as I am moved and settled, I will sell the stuff on Ebay. I did this earlier this year and made $250 bucks. Interesting how your crap because someones treasure.
  • Mary Kay - I am an independent consultant. I have been for about a year. I have been slacking on my game but I will be starting back up soon. Contact me via email if you are interested in becoming a consultant.
Thats about all I have found at this point. If anyone has any suggestions feel free to comment. I'll keep you guys updated on how each one is going for me.

Dimps Out

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