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Thursday, January 29, 2009


5 bedrooms + bonus room

3 bathrooms

2800 square feet


Dedicated said...

In 2004 I bought this house (not this house but the same size and rooms), it was a foreclosure. Prior to this purchase and for a while after, I always wanted this home. Now, I realize that it is more burden then joy. I remember the first super huge gas bill to heat the home, I about had a heart attack. Left the temperature at 70, like my old home and the gas bill went for $130 to $500. I've spent the last 4 years cutting back and cutting out. Current gas bill 1/2 of the first year. SWEET!

Buying the house was not difficult, but maintaining it is. I often compare the burden to buying a horse. Horse's are cheap to buy, it is their oats, hay and boarding that will drain you.

Cleaning alone is a huge time devour.

I didn't want to burst your bubble, but I was curious if it would make a difference knowing ahead of time. I don't think it would have for me, I want what I want. But maybe it will help you!

from the desk of said...

Nice house. It definitely has good curb appeal. However, I'm sorry but I must play devil's advocate. Why are you looking at 5 bedrooms if it's just you and your daughter? Happy House Hunting!!!

Dimples said...

@ Dedicated

Thanks for the useful information. So much to consider when hunting for a house. My head hurts and I've only been looking for 2 weeks. LOL! But I hear you.

@ From the desk

Never said I was going to buy it. Just posted a pic and some info. You would probably THINK about buying it too if you saw the price its listed at. Its under $200K. :-)

D.C. 2 said...


That is huge! 5 Bedrooms! wow!

Karen said...

I hope you don't buy it. Imagine the cooling costs, property taxes, insurance, and cleaning.

I love this site (well for the county I live in, that is). This more robust than ours.

Happy house hunting!

velvet jones said...

It's gorgeous and looks comfy. :) Too much house for me though. The first thing I thought of was having to clean it all!

Looking forward to seeing more pictures. :)

Dimples said...

@ Karen

I live on that site. LOL! And no I have no plans on purchasing that home. Maybe in the future. But definitely not now.

@ D.C.

Yeah chile. HUGE!!!! I had my agent take me to it just to get a look inside. Its a beauty.

@ Velvet

Girl same here. I'd have to hire a maid. On the real.

Jerry said...

Yeah, it's hard to keep a mindset of reality when big, beautiful houses are selling and coming across the screen, like this one. It's just a lot harder to heat, clean, care for a large place. It reminds me of my mom-in-law, who is a widow in Oregon. She has a huge house that her husband built before he passed, and while she is loathe to leave it, it's tapping her resources (financial, physical, insurance, and otherwise) to stay there. She needs a smaller place...
Good luck in your hunt!