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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Xmas Shopping - Done!!


Its times like these that I LUV free shipping. Majority of my purchases were made just this way.

Here is how my budget turned out:






Cell Phone



Sweet Pea




Sister L

$25 Target Gift Card



Sister E

Cookware Set (stainless)








Jordan Hydro IV Slides



Godson J

Crayola drawing set & mini football







BF's son N

Personalized duffel bag & football



BF's son J-R





Everything on each child's wish list (8)






Mom: My mom's cellphone is about 3 years old and isn't going to make it to see 09. I checked out Craig's List and found a dealer who was selling Metro PCS phones for practically nothing. The phone, a Samsung flip phone, is brand new. Nothing extravagant. My mom is a simple woman.

Sweet Pea: I was set on buying her some arts and craft stuff but after seeing her light up when she saw some bikes at a store we were in a month ago, I changed my mind. I got her a Huffy Sea Star bike from Walmart. The bike was originally $44.88. I had a $10 gift card that received from cashing out some of my points @ MyPoints. I did site-to-store as my delivery option which was free. Final cost = $35.

Sister L: I already had a $10 gift card from cashing out some of my points @ MyPoints. I then purchased a $15 gift card on eBay for only $10. The seller offered free shipping.

Sister E: I purchased my sis E a 12-piece Tools of the Trade Stainless Steel cookware set from Macys. The set was on sale for $34.99. I had a $10 off $25 coupon.

Niece: I got my munchkin 2 beautiful dresses, a Baby Phat onesie set, and some cute booties during one of Macys fabulous sales. I did my shopping from the comfort of my apt. The total came up to a lil under $25 and I had a $10 off $25 coupon code. I am a platinum card member so the $5.95 I paid in shipping was refunded back to my credit card (I get up to $60 worth of free shipping during the year as one of the perks of being a platinum card carrier).

Bro: He was a very hard one to shop for. I finally decided on getting him some new slides since he wears the ones he has 24/7 and was due for some new ones. He loves Jordans so I chose to get him the Jordan Hydro IV Slides. I found them on Footlocker for $34.99. I used their 30% coupon during their friends and family sale. Final cost = $25.

Godson J: I got him this huge crayola drawing set that included washable markers and crayons from Dollar General for $6. I also got him a mini football to match the one his big brother is getting.

BF K: She got a book: You: The Owner's Manual. For $2. And since she reads my blog: Merry Christmas chica!!!

BF's son N: A personalized duffel bag (football) with his name on it. Ordered it from Also got him a junior size football.

BF's son J-R: I got him the cutest onesies with the cutest sayings. They were $2 a piece.

Adopt-A-Child: With the help of $1 clearance on clothes, savvy shopping, coupons, and pure determination, I was able to get almost everything on each child's wish list. Fortunately our department collected a lot more money than they needed and offered to purchase tricyles for the 3 kids on my list who wanted them. They only were $20 each at Walmart but it still helped. So if it was not for that I would have been way over my budget or some kiddies would have been outta luck (JK...I would have dropped the $60 on those bikes in a heartbeat). Our company was able to take care of each of the 300+ kids on our list.

Of course through all this shopping I couldn't help but buy myself some goodies. I told my fam that I wanted nothing for Xmas and would rather them use that money for my mom or for them to sponsor some kids. So I deserved to splurge just a tiny bit on myself. I'll do a post on what I bought later.


Sistah Ant said...

You did well!

Fabulously Broke said...

You did fantastically!

Can't wait to hear what you bought for yourself :)