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Friday, December 5, 2008

November Budget Results


My November Budget Results:

Income: I had $93.99 left over from last month. I brought in an extra $352.21 that consisted of blog income and my 401K distribution from my past employer. I missed my income goal $200. The HR department has had their share of errors since the contract started. They some how entered my W-4 information incorrectly and I was getting taxed at a higher rate then I should have. They fixed it on the paycheck I received yesterday.

Rent & Utilities
My water bill was higher than expected. Everything else was ok.

Auto: I only spent $152.18 of my gas budget. $152 on gas!!!! Aren't recessions supposed to be a sad time? Why can't we have a great economy and low gas prices?

I went over my grocery budget by $117.89. But I have several good reasons why. $60 went to groceries for Thanksgiving dinner when I went to my parents for the holiday. $20 went to rolls I had assigned to bring for the Thanksgiving luncheon we had at work. And $21 went to buy groceries for a dish I brought to a potluck I went to. So essentially I only went over my budget by about $17. I also went way over my dining out budget. I took my brother and his friend to dinner ($75). I sponsored several other dinners with friends and/or family.

Debt: I made regular payments and paid down a credit card. Just two more to go.

I went over every budget in this category except for daycare and savings. *smh* I gave my mom $300. My allowance overage included winter clothes I purchased for myself and sweet pea. And obviously the overages in those categories had to come from somewhere. Hence my pitiful $81.73 to savings instead of the budgeted $266.

What you saw above is similar to what has been going on the past few months. I obviously gotta pull on the purse strings and stop the unnecessary spending in some areas or at least budget for them.

I think I'll hold off on tracking my net worth for the time being. I'll start it back up later down the road. I just want to focus on my debt, house, and career at the moment.

I'll post my December budget in a few.

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