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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Inexpensive ideas for Xmas gifts.....

* Walmart's clearance section:

I am sponsoring 8 kids through an Adopt-A-Child program at a local orphanage that the company I work for is also taking part in. Majority of the kids I selected listed clothes and shoes on their wish lists. I was searching around and happened upon Walmart's clearance section. Talk about great deals. I spent $34 on clothes for 6 out of the 8 kids. I even bought two of these cute Bratz Backpacks with coordinating stationary kits for $3. Each kid winded up with at least two tops and one bottom.

I chose Site-to-Store as my delivery option. Aside from being FREE, my purchases arrived at my local Walmart within 3 days of placing the orders (much faster than paid shipping).

Here is a look at a few of the 3000+ items in clearance:

High School Musical Tee = $2

Lil Bratz Backpack = $3

NBA Jam Xbox Game = $5.82

Toddler Cheerleading Dress = $10

This site list the latest deals and steals. I check it a few times a day to find some super savers. Here are a couple of ongoing steals that I found via this site this morning:

- The Holiday Express Train Track Set
for $19.99 and free shipping from KB Toys $30 off $50

-Sketcher Sneakers for $16 (I luv me some Sketchers!)

-$10 HD-DVD movies and box sets @ Borders (do site-to-store for free shipping)

* Dollar Stores

Some of yall are SLEEPING on some great gift ideas at your local dollar stores. The Family Dollar store down the street from me is my usual stomping ground. Just visit one and check it out and you will see what I mean.

* Craigslist


You can purchase $25 gift certificates from your favorite dining place for only $10. The site is currently offering a free $10 gift certificate with every order. Keep an eye out for this site. They may run a 80% off special again before Christmas.

* Clearance (75%+ off)

Not as inexpensive as Walmart but still full of goodies. Unfortunately no Site-to-Store shipping option. There are some categories that have free shipping with a minimum purchase. You can also search the web for a Target coupon code and get at least 10% off your order.

Tips when shopping for gifts:

Looks for deals and steals (they are everywhere this time of the year)

Search for coupons and coupon codes (google is your friend)

If anyone wants to add to this, let me know in the comment section and I'll add it to this post.


Birdie Gray said...

Wow you found some great deals! I am loving the Chargers fit out! :-)

Single Ma said...

The deals you find always amaze me. Girl, I miss you around these parts. I demand that you return to blogging - regularly! LOL

Dimples said...

@ Birdie Gray

Thank ya mam. Girl if only I had a wee chitlin to buy that cheerleader fit for. Too cute.

@ Single Ma

Girl, I'm a hustla!!! LOL. I am trying so hard to get back on it. Got some things in planning and picking up so I will definitely be blogging much more.