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Wednesday, September 3, 2008



Thanks to all who left a comment on my last post regarding school lunch versus bag lunch. This is the 3rd week of school and after trying out both bag lunches AND school lunches I have came to a decision: I will make lunch for Sweet Pea 4 days out the week and allow her to get school lunch on Fridays.

Reason: During a 3 day period I allowed Sweet Pea to get school lunch. Guess what she had? PIZZA each and every day. Even the 3rd day I told her to eat something else. Needless to say bagging it is the best way for me to ensure that my daughter gets a nutritious meal. And she actually prefers it.


I had my interview with the company that will be taking over the main contract come this October 1st last Monday. Wanna hear something interesting? I was interviewed by my current supervisor and her boss. LOL! They had there interviews about 2 weeks before and were offered the equivalent to the positions they hold now and of course accepted. Needless to say the interview went pretty smoothly and I hope to hear something in the next day or so. I have a lot of things I want to get started and a lot plans that need to be laid out. All of this of course depending upon my financial status. I am very antsy and hope these folks get back to me soon.


Money is looking good at the moment. I currently have $4500 in my savings and hope to hit $6000 this month. I'll have a end of the month for August up hopefully soon (I know, I know).
I have been splurging justing a tad bit with my new found income. I have put a stop to that but damn it if I don't get the itch. ugh!

When my grandmother passed a month or so ago, I help my parents out by paying for their airlines tickets with the understanding that my dad would pay me back 3/4 of it. Well my dad decided to develop a case of amnesia and long story short I decided to charge the $1100 to the game and keep it moving. This of course affects the amount of money I was hoping to save up by October 15. Instead of the $9000 I was hoping for it looks to be more like $7800 or so.


Once I get a grip on where I will be come October 1st, I will be making some drastic changes to my 2008 Personal and Career goals, my monthly budget, and other aspects of my life.

My sister had her baby a week ago. Beautiful baby girl. She is too cute. Almost had me wanting a itty bitty one. ALMOST.

I'll be back on track soon.

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{Kay Kay} said...

Funny after all that talk I did I've been packing N's lunch every day. Rachel Ray did a few kids school lunch ideas and it really inspired me to get mega creative. Plus we are converting back to vegetarianism. LOL. All we have is 1 lb. of hamburger then we'll be back in the game. Yes your god-son is being THROWN on the badwagon too. LOL

Again, CONGRATS on the job and new niece. What a wonderful year this has turned out to be! praise GOD (ps- call me sometimes)