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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Food prices and a challenge

Ok, is it just me or is food not lasting as long as it used to? It is the 14th and I have already gone grocery shopping twice and it looks like I may need to go again. Are you serious!?! Are they altering the food to make it not last longer so that we HAVE to go buy more?!!??


Even though I may be spending around the same amount dollar wise each shop, I am not getting the same amount of food. Hence having to go grocery shopping for the third time and I'm half way through the month. Needless my grocery budget looks to be a bust this month. I may need to increase it to $125 in August. I also haven't been using my crockpot like I used to. Closing out on my old job and getting prepared for my new job, swimming lessons, and dealing with the death of my grandmother, I haven't had the time to even prepare a decent homemade meal. My funds are definitely feeling this.

I gotta get back on my budget hustle. I start my new job on Monday and will have to adapt to the new work schedule. No more working from home or extreme flexibility. My new work hours are from 7:30 to 3:30. I have 30 minutes for lunch and don't really want to hit up the cafeteria so I will be packing up my lunch regularly. I'll stick to simple things like PB&J sandwiches or salads with water or Gatorade and a lil side.

As for dinner, I am going back on my crockpot routine. That way I won't be tempted to buy dinner if I know I have some waiting at home. I purchased a mini crockpot (2.5 quart) for $10 from Biglots a couple of weeks back. Now that I have two, I can widen my variety of dinner options.

Starting on Monday, I am going to challenge myself to cook all my meals for the rest of the month (weekends excluded). Monday through Friday I will make my own breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I know to some this may be an everyday thing but I kind of struggle with it from time to time and more often than usual the last couple of months.

I gotta get a schedule and routine down in regards to all aspects of my life. I gotta have structure.


Jerry said...

I hear you. Groceries are really outrageous. You have to be very creative in order to provide some insurance for your grocery budget. I'm sorry about your mom. Hopefully, things will slow down and then it will lead to more time with cooking, etc.


sara l said...

Good luck your first week at the new job!

On the grocery front- we just added another full grown mouth to our household and I'm definitely feeling the increase. Luckily a lot of the stocking up I did over the last few months is helping out. One of the most exciting rooms in the new house is the pantry, so I can stock up at rock bottom prices.

Single Ma said...

No it isn't just you. Grocery prices are skyrocketing and I feel your pain. The only reason I haven't bust my budget is because BabyGirl is gone so I'm only shopping for 1.

I've never used a crock pot during warm months, but hey, you do what you gotta do.

Dimples said...

@ single ma

I am bout ready to give up and just go on a liquid diet for the next couple of months.

@ sara

Thanks chica. Full grown mouth? They paying bills? LOL!!! Stocking up is good. I need to do that when they have sales.