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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Current job, new job, and such...oh yeah... Not cashing out

I gave my two week notice on Monday.

Supervisor wasn't to cool with me leaving but he said he was extremely happy for me. I spoke to the folks in accounting at my current employer and I do anything with my 401K until annual distribution packages are sent out and that isn't until February 2009. Needless to say that cashing out my 401K is no longer an option. The only reason I entertained the idea was to ensure I was in a good financial state come October 1. I will either roll the money into my the 401K account I will have with my employer at that time or I will roll it into a traditional IRA. I have some time to think about it.

Thanks to all who were concerned about my initial decision to cash out my 401K. Please realize that I would only entertain this thought in the case of an emergency. '

The folks at the new job can't wait until I start. Seems like news of me coming on board has spread like wild fire and I had a director stop me in the hallway on my way to lunch to tell me how much he has heard about me and that he wanted to sit down with me to see if I could lend assistance on a couple of his projects. I mean this guy is like upper upper management and wants ME of all people to work on some things with him. Just based on what he has heard of my capabilities. WOW!

Oh and let me explain to yall just how good He is........

Some of my coworkers have been throwing in little jokes here and there about how I am not loyal and how I ran to the dark side and yadda yadda yadda. Of course I just brush it off with a laugh and tell them something about themselves. Majority of the time they shut up and continue with their business. Well how about the president of the company I currently work for sent out an email to all the employees (excluding me) this afternoon stating that they weren't able to pick up a contract and at that time the company would not be able to sustain the current staffing. He wants the employees to meet with him sometime next week to talk about their personal situation with the company.

You can't imagine how quiet the office went when folks started reading that email. About half my coworkers left for the day to work on their resumes. Craziness!

In other news.......

I really am not looking forward to calculating my June monthly report. I have not been keeping track of my expenses. I need to create a July budget also. *sigh*


K. said...

congrats!!! i'm so happy that you had a position lined up before the storm hit (and just as happy that your 401k is staying put)!!!

sara l said...

I'm glad that things are coming together and you were able to avoid the crazy email.

As I catch up on blogs I'm trying to calculate June spending. It is a very sobering task.

SpillingBuckets said...

Yikes, looks like you definitely got the job offer just in time.

Sistah Ant said...

Good for you for reading the tea leaves and already having a Plan B together. I personally think every working person should revisit their resume every quarter.

Now get to working on keeping track of your expenses - you've been doing so well!

Single Ma said...

Loyal? Umm...what's that?

Thank gawd you aren't cashing out your 401k. I would have had to disown you!

Dimples said...

@ single ma

Yeah, only person I need to be loyal to is my baby.

I knew it you would have disowned me or gave me the talking to of my life. LOL.

Forest said...

I'm going to relocate in London. Oh.. it must be difficult to find a job there. If I had your abilities, I would conquer the world :)