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Saturday, June 7, 2008

June 08 Budget & Goals


I increased my daycare budget by $50. Soooooo happy it isn't by $140. I lowered my internet budget to $10. I am hoping to meet my gas budget of $150. It is the 7th and I have only had to fill up once for $15. I am traveling with my church next week to a youth conference with my daughter and I won't have to drive. I am also traveling to Louisiana the week after that on business and all expenses including gas will be reimbursed. I will actually come out on top.


  • - Update resume
  • - Start job hunting and apply
  • - Practice for upcoming interviews (I haven't done an interview in 3 years)

  • - Obtain domain name
  • - Look into starting a website
  • - Order business cards
  • - Network
  • - Start business plan
  • - Research

  • - Bring in more secondary income
  • - Spend less
  • - Reevaluate debt payoff plan

  • - Plan and start exercise regimen (gosh! I swear this is ALWAYS on my goal
  • - Do a detox
  • - Look for a spa or clinic that does colonics

Spiritual/Emotional Health
  • - Start meditating again
  • - Read
  • - Plan a mini vacay for this summer (perhaps in June)