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Friday, June 6, 2008

End of the Month Report - May 08


May was rocky. I spent double my gas budget and almost 7 times my dining budget. I brought in over $1000 in extra income (with the help of the tax rebate of course).

I had $35.70 left over from last month. I brought in an extra $1042.70 that consisted of blog income, Revolutionary Money Exchange referrals, Vindale Research, and my tax rebate.

Rent & Utilities
Everything is okie dokie in this area. I need to lower my cell phone plan though.

Auto: Back on the car note hustle. I am paying a lil more than my car note.

I was under my grocery budget by $3.89.

Debt: I made regular payments and paid down a credit card.

I went way over my beauty budget. The internet is the debil and satan's offspring invented sales. *sigh* I was $40 under my medical budget. I had to had my pap smear done again and after thinking about it I came to the conclusion that I shouldn't have to pay my co-pay again since it is the nurse practitioner's fault for not performing the procedure correctly in the first place. The office agreed. So I saved $25. I also didn't need to fill a prescription I was given so I saved $15. I paid the $140 registration fee for my daughter's summer camp. I put some of the tax rebate I received in my emergency fund. And some money went to tithes.


My net worth increased by $925.62 this month. Any increase is good for me. Yeah that goal of $1 by January 09 ain't happening. Unless I come into some serious money in the next 6 months. Hmmmm...................Can I borrow a dolla??? :-D

I have been saying it for the last couple of weeks and I really need to get on my hustle. I need to recalculate my debt snowball. My initial goal was to reach have all my credit card debt paid off my October. We are in June......nuff said.

Work is funky at the moment. I love the work I do, love the benefits, love the perks, an d I have been knocking out project after project and getting great feedback from both our clients and my supervisor. But something funky is afoot. Gotta dedicate a whole post to the funkiness. That post is coming soon.


I am not even going to list them again. I didn't do ANY of them. NADA. ZERO. You will see them again for June.


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