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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Haven't Received Your Stimulus Payment Yet?

If you haven't received your stimulus payment yet, then check out the following:


The IRS online tools works just like their "Where's my refund?" feature. Just enter the required information and receive an up-to-date status on your stimulus check.

I still haven't received my payment yet and I have been seeing news stories of payments being deposited into the wrong accounts. So I used the feature to ensure that I hadn't gotten duped out my moola. My payment should be in by tomorrow morning.

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K. said...

I had a tax bill so from what I understand I'll be getting a paper check around July 4 according to the schedule. I THOUGHT that since I paid my tax bill w/ my checking acct that they'd deposit my check there but alas, no check. BOOOOOOOOOO!