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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Crockpot recipes of the week: Garlic Chicken, Curry Chicken, and BBQ Chicken

chicken, Chicken, CHICKEN everywhere!!!!

tee hee.

I know I haven't posted one of these in a while. I took the pics when I made these dishes but I just have been too tired and too busy to do a post. Well here is 3 for you guys. Enjoy!!!!



1 whole hen = $2.21

2 garlic cloves, sliced = $.10

salt and pepper to taste

TOTAL COST = $2.31 (approximate)

Prep Time = 5 min

Cook Time = 7 hours on low


Turn on crockpot on at the low setting. Add chicken to crockpot. (Remember that I clean and season my chicken the day I buy it so my chicken was already prepared. I just needed to defrost it and I did that by moving it from the freezer to the fridge the night before.) Cover and let it cook.


I winded up making some smaller meals from this larger one. I cut out the breast meat and cut them into slices for sandwiches for lunch this week. I then took the wings and drumsticks off and had those that night with some sweet potato I baked. I took the remainder of the chicken and made some stew. Here is the stew I made potatoes, onions, broccoli, and tomatoes:



1 package split fryer chicken breast (3 breasts) = $1.87

2 cups homemade chicken broth (or one can of store bought broth) = $0

2 cup of chopped carrots = $.50

1 cup of chopped tomatoes = $.30

2 large potatoes, chopped = $.40

1 medium size onion, chopped = $.15

1 cup of water = $0

Curry powder, salt, and pepper

TOTAL COST = $3.22 (approximate)

Prep Time = 15 min

Cook Time = 4 hours on high or 7 hours on low


Turn on crockpot on at the high setting. Add everything to the crockpot. You can cut up the chicken or add it whole. If you add it whole it will break up towards the end. Cover and let it cook.

Sorry I don't have a picture of the final product. I had taken some but when I checked my memory card today they weren't there. Guess it didn't save right. It was good though. Real good.



1 package chicken drumsticks (6 drumsticks a packege) = $1.17

1/3 a bottle of barbecue sauce (I prefer Sweet Baby Ray's) = $.66

salt and pepper to taste

TOTAL COST = $1.83 (approximate)

Prep Time = 5 min

Cook Time = 4 hours on high or 7 hours on low


Turn on crockpot on at the high setting. Add chicken to the crockpot. Again my chicken is prepared and seasoned, hence the short prep time. All I did was move it to the fridge to thaw. Pour bbq sauce over chicken. Cover and let it cook.


I made some rice mixed with onions and corn to go with it.

I apologize for the half eaten chicken. My daughter attacked my plate while I was getting the camera. I had to make her put down the fork so I could take a pic real quick. As you can see she likes the skin. LOL!!! She gobbled it up when I was done. She loves bbq chicken. I am going to try this with wings next week. Mmmmm..........we love wings.


L@SpillingBuckets said...

I like how you put prices next to the items and then price the whole meal. That's a good idea... I like to post recipes (and share them!) :) and might start doing this too.

I've been lazy too, I haven't posted recipes in a few weeks, and I wanted to do one a week. I think I'll do it today.

HighClassLowIncome said...

Those all look so yummy! Now only if I had a crockpot.. I think my mom has one hiding somewhere.

I Am Fabulous!!! said...

GIrl, you are killing me with those pics. Looks good **licking lips**

Canadian Saver said...

The recipes look great!! There's no way I could get chicken so cheap in Canada though... our prices are easily double, if not more.

Dimples said...

@ L

Thanks girlie. Please do post your recipes. I like getting just as much as giving. Especially when I find new recipes ideas.

@ high class

Girl get a crockpot! You will save time and money and have so much fun doing it.

@ i am fab

Girl they tasted delicious. Mmm specially that bbq chicken.

@ canadian saver

You have a farmers markets over there? Either way, work with what ya got.

Mrs Nespy said...

Wow...I thought I was watching the cooking network for a moment! Everything looks great and I like how you broke down the prices--it's nice to see things in that perspective.

By the way...tag, you're it. Go check out

Debt Fighter said...

mmmm... now you are making me hungry ;) Also, You have been tagged for a 5 point financial esqe meme.. have fun, cant wait to read

Anonymous said...

I tried the Garlic Chicken...who knew such simple ingredients would make such a tasty meal! BBQ chicken is next on my list. Thank you Dimps!

Phenomenal Aquarius

Dimples said...

@ Phenomenal

Mmm yes it was good. I am going to do a fruity chicken this week. With pineapple and mango marinade. Can't wait!!!