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Sunday, March 23, 2008

She gone yall!!!

My crockpot is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sniffling* oh........HAPPY EASTER ERBODY!!!! *sigh* Before I left for church this morning I put a whole chicken in my crockpot wrapped in foil around 9 on high. Well after church my friends decided to hit up Red Lobster. I haven't hung out with them in like 3 weeks and dem cheddar bay biscuits were calling my name....mmmmmm. I had put the crockpot on high and it had already been 4 hours. So I was like ok, we'll eat and mingle for about 2 hours at the most and I'll go home and just put the food away for tonight or tomorrow.

That plan sounded so good in my head but ish ain't work out that way. My friends can talk and we had a lot of catching up to do. Needless to say I didn't make it home till 5 pm, 8 hours after I put the chicken in. Part of the foil and chicken had burned into the crockpot.........

I couldn't save her. Had to send her to the crockpot heaven above.

So now Dimps has to get another crockpot. Anyone know if they sell replacement cooking pots? My cooking pot is what got damaged, the heat element still works. I'll do some research and see what I find.

Hope you all had an awesome Easter!!!

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SingleGuyMoney said...

Awww Dimps, Sorry to hear about your crockpot troubles. BTW, I don't eat seafood but those biscuits are the bomb. My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

spillingbuckets said...

Sorry to hear about the pot. They are great to have in the kitchen.

My mom's cooking part portion got cracked a few years back, and they sell replacement parts on (direct link: Crock Pot Replacement Parts)

Sistah Ant said...

sowwy dimps.

i got crockpot blues since my honey accidentally broke my crockpot lid. i know how you feel!

I Am Fabulous!!! Deal With It... said...

Not the crock pot!! Anything but the crock pot!!! LOL!!! Hope you find a great replacement.

Julia said...

Oh no Dimples! I just got a new crockpot for my birthday this past weekend and want to cook my first meal in it, so I hit up your blog and the first crockpot post I come to is that your trusty food cooker is BROKEN!!! Oh no! I hope you get a new one that's even better than the old one! (By the way, long time lurker, first time poster...I love your blog!)