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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I'm back!!

Yes indeedy!

I had a blast in the A. That vacation was long overdue.

For all those Atlantians out there:

We hit up Atlantic Station and M Bar. We ate at Gladys Knight's restaurant and I had some of the her famous chicken and waffles. It was off da chain. And while we are eating, guess who winds up sitting at a table right next to ours? Cedric the Entertainer!! I was so giddy but I managed to hold still and not bother that man while he ate. Steve and Monique were funty as hell. After the comedy show, we went to the Westin and straight to the top to have some drinks and dinner. Our last day we ate at Thumbs Up diner. We ended the trip by visiting MLK and Coretta's grave sites and visited the MLK museum. Wow! Talk about goosebumps!

On the budget front:

I tried and I tried but I did not keep to my $225 budget. I winded up exceeding it by $68.09. After visiting MLK's grave site and visiting the museum, I HAD to get some souvenirs to bring home. Good news is that I was able to cover that overage with the extra money I made. Here is a breakdown of what I spent:

Food & Drinks: $62.67

Clothes : $35.28

Hotel: $32

Gas: $45

Art Work & Souvenirs: $118.18

TOTAL: $293.13

My friends are planning on going to the Essence Festival in New Orleans this summer. They went last year and had an awesome time. This trip to ATL has given me the traveling bug so I am itching to go somewhere else and the N.O. would be great. I will most likely put my tax rebate towards that trip.


HighClassLowIncome said...

Even though you went over a little I'm glad to hear you had a blast! I'd love to make a trip to Atlanta, the closest I've been to going there is my layover in the ATL airport from Miami back home, LOL.

fandd said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I wouldn't worry about going over a bit. How many people can say they had a wonderful vacation for under $300! Now that is an accomplishment by itself.