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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

End of the Month Report - February 08


February was a great month. I brought in some extra income and received a chunky tax refund

Income: I brought in $395.26 in extra income and I also received my tax refund of $2629. The extra income consisted of sales I made on Amazon and eBay, bonuses from Revolutionary Money Exchange, mileage reimbursement from work, and blog income.

Rent & Utilities: Everything but my damn cell phone bill was cool in this area. I am highly upset with Cingular AT&T or what ever the wanna call themselves today. I supposedly went over my text messages and when I checked the bill it seems I was being charged TWICE for each text message. I called to inquire about this and got the run around. I was leaving to go out of town in a couple of hours and I did not want them to cut my phone off while I was out-of-state so I went ahead and paid the ridiculous $195.89 bill. I called them today and they are going to go over my bill and call me back tomorrow. I want to cancel my contract with them but the disconnect fee is $175.

Auto: I didn't do to well in this category . I didn't account for the trips to South Florida to drop and pick up my daughter in the gas budget. I also got additional maintenance on my car on top of the oil change and got it detailed since I will be trading it in sometime this week.

Food: I went over my grocery budget. BUT there is a very good reason for it. And organization I am the Treasurer for had a pot-luck and I brought the dessert (mini cakes and strawberry shortcake). Hence the $14.12 overage.

NOTE: I was able to make enough mini-cakes and strawberry shortcake using fresh organic strawberries and low-fat pound cake to feed 15 people and only spent $14.12.

Debt: I paid off one of my credit cards using my tax refund.

Misc: I had to get my nail and hair did for my ATL trip. I had already used up my beauty budget when I purchased some hair products from Carol's Daughter. Nothing on the medical front. The remaining sub-categories came about after I received my tax refund. I didn't want to lump them together and I wanted to show you all where the money actually went. Get more details here.

I have $1227.82 remaining from February's finances. I am in the process of trading in my current vehicle for a less expensive but reliable car. I am upside down on my loan and I may need to pay the difference depending on how much the dealership offers me. I call my credit union yesterday and applied for a car loan and got approved for $10K. Once the entire process is completed, I'll give you guys a run through and what happened.


My net worth increased by $3,462 this month! Not bad. Of course my tax refund played a big roll in it. My 401K did not increase that much. Mind you I put in $439 each month. But hey, and increase of any kind is better than a decrease.

In my last end of the month report, I shared my doubts in being able to reach my net worth goal of $1 by January of next year. But if all falls through with my car situation, net worth would change drastically and I just might be able to do it.

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no more spending said...

Great! Well done on the extra income :)