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Friday, March 28, 2008

Link love and other ish

This post goes everywhere and back again. Hang on tight.

I am feeling giddy this morning so I thought I would spread some love. LINK LOVE that is!!!!

I have a lot new subscribers. If you would like to be featured in DDD's first ever humongous link love post then leave a comment and I will add you. You have until 11 pm tonight to leave a comment. I will compile list after that and hopefully have the post up before the day is done.

*WARNING* - I can tell the difference between a regular ole blogger and someone trying to spam my blog. I have seen an increase in spammers over that past week. Of course their comments get deleted. This post is no different so don't try it. Test me if you wanna.

This week has been hella crazy so I apologize for the lack of posts and for not visiting your blogs. It is hard trying to visit EVERYONE's blog but I do try.

I shop to damn much!!!! I mean I have been spending some of this extra money that I have been bringing in when it should go towards my debt. eBay and is the debil I tell you!!! (I so swagger jacked ya word SM!)


I am going to Tampa tomorrow to meet my fam. My brother is going to tour the college he is going to. I can't wait to see my sister (she is 4 months preggers).

Men urk me. Steve Harvey says that they are simple beings so why can't I "get" them. I mean I am an intelligent female. How is it that I can solve complex engineering design problems yet I can't understand these so called "simple" men.

I need to get off my arse and workout but I am so tired lazy for some reason.

And if you haven't subscribed yet then what are you waiting for huh??? Just go ahead and do it.......I don't bite. Promise.

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CT Mom said...

Hi Dimples - looking for some link love - I've got you on my blogroll already.

Happy Friday - have fun in Tampa!

spillingbuckets said...

Hey. I've got you on my blogroll...can we share the link love? :-D

Hope you have a great time in FL visiting family. Did you ever get your Crock Pot fixed?

Dimples said...

@ CT Mom

I could have sworn I added you to my blog roll. Well you are on there now.

@ Spilling Buckets.

You are on my blog roll now. tee hee......I can be absent minded sometimes. Crockpot! No didn't get it fixed. I bought a new one and I LOVE IT!!!!

Posting a recipe later today.

Lilo said...

Hi Dimple. I have already added you in my blogroll.

HighClassLowIncome said...

Hey Dimps, can you add me? Thanks! Have a great weekend!

no more spending said...

Hi dimples
Can I get on your blog roll?
You're on mine already :)

HersMoney said...

Hers from hishersmoney here and I love your blog! Hope you enjoy your weekend with the family!

no more spending said...

thanks for the link love dimples :)