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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I did it!

A speaker system I had on Amazon just sold this afternoon. Net earnings = $71.04.

This takes care of the $52.07 I needed to reach my goal for my trip to Atlanta in 3 weeks. I am so amazed by the amount of money I have been bringing in on the side. The past couple of weeks have been really good. I still have a number of items listed on Amazon and eBay. I am contemplating on what I am going to do with that money once it comes in. For the time being I will let it sit in my Misc account.

I am going to the A yall!!!!!!!

Anyone have suggestions of some places I should hit up?


SavingDiva said...


fandd said...

Congratulations! What kinds of things are you interested in doing while you're in town?

Dimples said...

@ saving diva


@ fandd

Thanks. I wanna do the grown folk stuff. Jazz clubs, poetry clubs, gown folk hang out. Historical sites.

SingleGuyMoney said...

If you have some time, you may also want to check out the Georgia Aquarium.

Single Ma said...

Ooh, Moneymonk and Gecko Girl lives in the A - or in the area - they might know some local hot spots.

Sara L said...

I don't have any advice other than have a great time!

Dimples said...

@ single guy

Ohh the aquarium! That's the one that was featured in the movie Daddy's Little Girls right? Oh I most definitely will check it out

@ Single Ma

True. I really wanna do a jazz club.

@ Sara L

Thanks and welcome!

fandd said...

As singleguymoney mentioned, the aquarium is always a winner. If you go there, that will put you in the same area as Centennial Olympic Park, World of Coca-Cola and CNN (they offer a tour.)

If you're up for seeing another show, check out the half price ticket booth AtlanTix. More information on that is at, look on the right hand side of the screen.

The only jazz place I've been to in Atlanta is Sambuca. It's nice, classy and pricey.

For history, we don't have much in Atlanta. We like to tear things down. You may want to check out the Fox Theatre tour. And there is always the Atlanta University Center, home to Spelman and Morehouse. Or you could check out the MLK historic sites.