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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas List Update

Here are the results of my Christmas Budget.






Spending $$$ for her trip







My Sweet Pea

Her 1st pet - Goldfish



Sister L

George Foreman Grill



Sister E

Luggage Set & DVDs







Godson J

Toys & Clothes



Godson A

Smackdown vs Raw 2008 game



Best Friend K




Best Friend's son




Best Friend D







I got my daughter a 5 gallon little mermaid fish tank and 5 goldfish for starters. I can't wait till she sees it in her room. She is gonna love it!

My godson called me and told me he didn't want the Smackdown vs Raw and that he wanted Transformers and a Karuto game. Mind you I had already bought the Smackdown game. The ONLY reason I went ahead and returned the game is because the other 2 were $20 each and I would essentially save $10 on my budget. But I will say this....."I will NEVER again ask a child what he/she wants for a gift!!". They will take what I give and deal with that ish. I mean seriously........naw I ain't gonna go there. Lets just say I was real hot with my Godson but its my own fault and I have learned my lesson.

My dad loved his gifts. His sweaters were a little tight on him so I returned them to Macy's for a bigger size. You know them mofos had the same sweaters on for $5 LESS! Can't be surprised. So I winded up saving an additional $10 off his gifts.

Next year I am going to plan way ahead of time and hopefully save even more. We will see.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I was hoping to post while I was down there but them folks had be slaving in the kitchen and had no internet. I am officially going on strike. I cooked Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner while my sisters and mom sipped on champagne and told jokes. Next big holiday meal is Easter. If I don't show up they are gonna have to do something right?? LMAO.


krystalatwork said...

Hey, that's amazing you were able to not only stick to your budget, but spend less than you planned! :) I certainly wasn't able to do that this year. The chart you made was a really good idea. I think I'll try that for 2008.

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas (sounds like you did)! :)

Dimples said...

@ krystal

Hey girl!! Long time no hear. Hope all is well on your end and that you had a wonderful Christmas. I had a fabulous Christmas!!! The chart definitely came in handy. I took it with me when I went shopping. Kept me inline. Definitely try it next year.

Dream said...

I planned to spend $200 on 8 people but ended up spending $285 which still wasn't too bad. Had to make use of that 33% discount at the bookstore before I quit LOL.